The DP gets us again (correcting the McGahee story)

Silly me. For some reason, I just accepted it as fact when Jeff Legwold wrote the following this morning about Willis McGahee's season-ending injury...

He went on injured reserve at that point, but the Broncos left open the possibility he could return to the AFC Championship Game.

And as much as McGahee lobbied the coaches and training staff — and he lobbied plenty — to play in the Divisional Round loss to the Ravens, the Broncos didn't think he was physically ready to return at that point and he was not activated.

...which prompted me to write the following...

Can you imagine what's been going through Willis's mind for the past several months, knowing that he may have been the difference?


Of course, as reader ohiobronco reminds us, McGahee was not eligible to return until the AFC title game, had the Broncos not shit the bed made it that far.

There's always the chance that Legwold has some new information, but if so, then it would conflict with what the Broncos PR department, Lindsay Jones of USA Today, the Associated Press, and Mike Klis of the DP all reported about the situation back in November.

It would also clash with reports from January, when Stuart Zaas wrote this in the leadup to the Baltimore game for the official site:

McGahee, who was placed on injured reserve with a designation to return, is not eligible to play this week, but would be if the Broncos were to advance to the AFC Championship game.

Naturally, LJ, the AP, and hey, Jeff Legwold (!) filed similar reports.

Not that we're going to hold our breath or anything, but unless Legwold expounds upon today's article with an explanation of the discrepancy, we'll assume that McGahee was not eligible to play in the divisional round.

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