The devaluation of running backs appears to have ceased

Some interpreted the LeSean McCoy-for-Kiko Alonso deal as a continuation of the devaluation of running backs in today's NFL. However, the Bills have given McCoy a new contract that speaks strongly to the contrary.

Although already under contract, McCoy was able to extract a new five-year deal out of Buffalo; it's worth a reported $40M with $26.5M guaranteed, probably with $16M fully guaranteed. Those are big numbers for a running back, especially one who already has 1,761 career touches.

Earlier in the weekend, Marshawn Lynch agreed to a new deal with Seattle, one that amounts in essence to a series of $12M one-year contracts. While the Seahawks structured the contract to reflect the possibility that Lynch could retire at any moment, it's still a lot of money for an aging running back.

This rebirth of running back contracts figures to benefit DeMarco Murray, who may be teaming up with Julius Thomas to help upgrade Jacksonville's cache of offensive weapons.

Down in New Orleans, Mark Ingram will reportedly get $16M over four years to stay with the Saints. There's no word yet on how much of that contract is guaranteed.

As for McCoy's replacement in Philly, Frank Gore is reportedly getting a three-year deal with $7.5M over the next two years.

And in one final note on running backs, free agent Chris Johnson is thankfully in stable condition after having been hit in the shoulder during an Orlando drive-by shooting.

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