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Good Morning, Broncos fans! If I may, I’d like to take a moment to offer something of a reality check on the Kyle-Orton-Sucks-McDaniels-is-an-Idiot-Oh-Wait-Orton’s-Good-Vote-for-Kyle-for-MVP Train. Indeed, Kyle is off to a very good start this year, his grasp of the McDaniels offense is certainly better than it was last year, and he’s spreading the ball around quite well. He’s racking up the yardage and breaking records. But he’s got a long way to go. Despite his 175 attempts (an almost unprecedented crazy number), Orton has only 6 touchdown passes (tied for 8th best) with a TD rate of 3.4% (tied for 20th with Joe Flacco). That TD percentage will need to go up - and in a big way - before Kyle Orton is an elite QB, even for a season.

Now, this is something of a rant-laden Lard today. Clearly this is not an everyday thing, but as you know, when things get my goat, I tend to rant. Just ask the guys I work with what happens when they start talking about certain baseball players being “clutch” or “winners”...but I digress. Let’s get to those sand-in-my-shorts links!


Ted Bartlett explains why football players are not fungible, how and why the Broncos have been building their offense the way they have over the past 21 months, the much-criticized running game, blocking schemes, misinformed tweets and football columns, and well…just read it. You’ll learn quite a bit, as always. Thanks for this, Ted.

Solomon Wilcots sings the praises of Orton on Playbook. Either he didn’t mention anything about Josh McDaniels being an idiot for trading away Jay Cutler, or they didn’t include that part in this video clip. It’s probably the former, but I’ll give Solly the benefit of the doubt…

Here’s one of the more ridiculous segments you’ll see. Steve Wyche supposedly gets to the bottom of Orton’s accusations against Cortland Finnegan & Co. But really, there’s just a lot of dismissals and denials, and nobody says “Hey, that video actually shows a pretty blatant cheap shot.” I’m guessing Wyche wants to make sure he can score an interview with Jeff Fisher later this week.

Fortunately, there must have been an avalanche of email/Tweet responses to PK’s half-assed revisiting of the Cutler/Orton trade (funny we can call it now rather than just the Cutler trade, right?), because he reversed course yesterday. Well, sort of. I have no idea whether the Todd who wrote in is one of our readers, but if so, well done Todd! What results is something of another backhanded response, where PK spends his time writing about Alphonso Smith (quel surprise). But perhaps he just thought that Todd had put it so well (and knew better than he) that he needn’t get into the details of Ayers’ and DT’s performances thus far. Or, maybe that’s as close to getting a “You’re right, I was really being lazy as I wrote that,” from someone like Peter King and we should be happy with it…

Ryan Harris and Brandon Lloyd were on CBS4 and spoke about Harris’ health and the Titans’ dirtiness.

Oh, there’s another game this week? Right, sorry. Here are the goods from the Broncos’ weekly press release.

The Broncos will be hitting hard in practice this week to prepare for the always-physical Ravens.

Legwold says the Broncos’ issues on special teams lie with the kick coverage more than the kickers.

Andrew Mason shows us just how much of the Broncos’ offense is Kyle Orton.

Notes from LJ and Legwold - the Broncos worked out former Dolts DE Ryon Bingham yesterday.

Baltimore is talking about avoiding a letdown versus the Broncos. Plus, a look back at their first four games.

The Ravens will be without DE Paul Kruger for a couple weeks.

Wow. Not sure how I managed to miss this one last year. Oldie, but surely a goodie…


The Dolts added a couple guys to their roster - LB Cyril Obiozor and CB Dante Hughes.

Acee says the Dolts need to get a road win!

More on the Chefs and grabbing other guy’s nuts.

Jokeland added LB Bruce Davis.


The Sea Chickens traded for Bills RB Marshawn Lynch, who is almost as weird looking as Willie McGee.

Meanwhile, the Pats could actually trade Randy Moss midseason. How wacky would that be? Actually, not that wacky, according to Matt Bowen.

The Bears cut DE Mark Anderson and replaced him with former ‘Aint Charles Grant.

Colts safety Melvin Bullitt is done for the season. So is Titans DE Derrick Morgan.

The Dolphins fired their ST coach after a MNF performance that included giving up three touchdowns in the kicking game.

Chase Stuart includes Kyle Orton and Brandon Lloyd among his breakout players of the season’s first quarter.

Orton was only fifth this week in DYAR as a result of his poor third-down performance. Laurence Maroney gets the nod for least-valuable RB; Eddie Royal the third-most valuable WR. Meanwhile, the Broncos are not really improving according to DVOA.

So much for the fashionable practice of picking teams that finished the prior season on a hot streak. After all, that was one of the dumber ways to go. As if momentum carries over through a 7-month layoff. Whether the idea of momentum from week to week in a sport like football is even possible is something I we don’t have time to get into here…

Mike Lombardi on some puzzling clock mismanagement.

Pat Kirwan checks in on run/pass balance.

Randy Cross explains what it’s like to be an offensive tackle in the NFL.

Andrew Brandt on where the fines go, Elway’s alma mater (and his), and the 18-game season.

CHFF tries to explain the greatness of Tom Brady, who reached 100 wins faster than any QB in history on Monday.

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