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Good Morning, Broncos fans! On Broncos TV, Brian Xanders tells Chris Hall the team had settled on two or three players to make waiver claims on, but in the end decided the players already on the roster were preferable - or at least until they decided they weren't, and signed Tony Hills yesterday. Xanders also reminds us that waivers are a daily process and that the FO and coaches are constantly evaluating the roster - remember how Shanny used to try out several players almost every week during the season? Or the Curse of Brett Kern? And as Legwold points out, not only are the contracts of vested veterans not guaranteed if they're signed after Week 1, they are only paid on a week-to-week basis after that.

So in keeping with Ted's point yesterday to keep calm, realize that the roster as presently constructed is unlikely to remain unchanged for even three or four weeks. Plus, throughout the preseason we've generally been seeing the second and third units operating as a whole, rather than backups mixing in with starters. Yes, it's still about winning individual battles, but when the guys next to you are losing theirs...


Mason says Tony Hills is a versatile player who can play both tackle and guard and hasn't had the chance to prove himself yet in the NFL.

Notes from LJ - No CU Buffs or CSU Rams are on the squad for the first time since 1993, while Twitter star Eric Olsen landed on the Redskins' practice squad.

Legwold chats with John Fox, who again says he prefers to manage the game as a head coach and let his coordinators do their thing. Perhaps to calm us new age throw the damn ball-types he even mentions that he's spent a lot of time working with the ultra-aggressive Sean Payton (they coached three years together for the Giants). Of course, this all preceded Fox's time in Carolina and the reputation he's earned as a head coach.

For the official site, Max Henson considers the path Mitch Unrein has taken to the NFL, while Kenny Legan focuses on another dark horse who made the team - Chris Harris.

Captain Journalism discusses salary guarantees but couldn't spare the three seconds it takes to Google Jarvis Green signing bonus Broncos and find that Green had gotten $2.5M to sign with Denver.

Legwold gives us a sneak preview of tomorrow's "massive" Broncos section in the DP (ZOMG aren't you excited?!?!) with John Elway's thoughts on the most important players to build around (sounds like neither Orton or Tebow as far as QB goes).

The new signage for SAFaMH started going up yesterday, and unfortunately the primary color is red rather than orange. But, that is Sports Authority's color.

Woody is predicting a 7-9 season for the Broncos, and of course a QB change in December.

Cecil Lammey will be writing a fantasy football column for the DP on Saturdays.


Vittorio Tafur breaks down the Raiders by position. Plus, he considers three key questions for Oakland's season and talks about the team's confidence and the expectations of RB Darren McFadden.

Scott Ostler wants to know just how involved the Crypt Keeper is in all of this.

Jerry McDonald considers Hue Jackson's relationship with Big Al and previews the Raiders' season.

Peter King on just how much Jackson's been kissing up to Al, plus he responds to emails.


Matt Cassel might say he's playing through his rib injury on Sunday, but it still remains to be seen.

Jacksonville released starting QB David Garrard, while the Patriots waived CB Darius Butler, who was then claimed by the Panthers.

San Fran signed LB Tavares Gooden, while the Giants lost LB Jonathan Goff for the year.

The Commish says he would have suspended Jim Tressel had the Colts not done so, and he fined Niners WR Braylon Edwards $50K for his latest DWI.

Tom Brady would welcome Randy Moss back to the Pats, while Terrell Owens says DeSean Jackson should hold out from the Eagles and actually admits he should have been more professional during his own Philly stint. Oh, and BTW he wouldn't mind going back there. See, it always comes back to T.O. even when he's talking about someone else.


Pat Kirwan sees a much-improved offense in Baltimore, and not so much in Kansas City. Plus, he considers the plight of the Colts as they open the season without Peyton Manning.

Matt Bowen tells us what it's like to be a rookie in Week 1, while Greg Gabriel shares a funny Turk-related story on former Giants NT Jim Burt.

Here's what Doug Farrar thinks of the Jags cutting David Garrard, plus some teams he expects will improve this year enough to make the playoffs after missing in 2010.

Kevin Braig of CHFF examines the value of the TE position, while Brian Burke considers Peyton Manning's importance to the Colts.

QB milestones that could be reached this year, via Luis DeLoureiro.

Some random thoughts from Chris Brown, including that he's excited to see Falcons WR Julio Jones against the Bears' Tampa 2.

PFF considers some NFC West questions, plus their latest power rankings.

Don Banks also reacts to the release of Garrard and offers his predictions for the season.

Eric Edholm looks at Week 1 storylines, while Kevin Fishbain measures rookie expectations.

Jeffri Chadiha goes out on a limb that's about 3 inches long in predicting which players will "surprise" this season. Yeah, everyone will be shocked if Jermichael Finley, Shonn Greene and Tim Hightower will have good years. Shocked, I tell you!

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