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Good Morning, Broncos fans! As Legwold reminds us, it's getting about time for the Denver offense to start putting together some longer drives to give its own defense a breather, and to shorten the game for them. Revisiting the drive data I've been going over after games, the Broncos have had 22 possessions the past two weeks excluding the kneeldown to end the win over Cincy. Of these 22 possessions, six resulted in scores, while all 16 non-scoring drives have consumed 2:46 or less of game clock, and the only drive among the 16 that lasted longer than six plays ended in an interception (the one that sealed Sunday's loss). A staggering 10 of the 16 non-scoring drives were three-or-less and out.

Yes, the defense has overall been quite impressive, at least relative to the garbage we became accustomed to in 2008 and 2010. But it's not going to cut it against Aaron Rodgers & Co. unless the offense helps them out a bit, extends some drives and kills some clock, not to mention scores some points. If not, it's going to be a long Sunday for all of us...


Legwold visits with the newest Broncos - Quan Cosby, Jonathan Wilhite and Tony Hills.

Legwold thinks Kyle Orton's tipped passes are a result of the offensive line getting pushed back into him.

As Ted Sundquist points out, the Broncos are struggling in both passing efficiency and defensive passing efficiency. You know, the two things that correlate best to winning.

Arnie Stapleton thinks John Fox can't catch a break so far, plus Rahim Moore was a guest of CBS4 on Monday.

Gee, Krieger theorizes John Elway wouldn't have traded Jay Cutler or Peyton Hillis away. You know, it's really funny that folks like him continue to be blinded by the 2008 Broncos' 8-8 record. In the moment they can talk about much a team's record belies their true qualities, but as soon as it's in the past, suddenly the only memory is of that same inconclusive record.

Randy Covitz of the KC Star says the Andrew Luck sweepstakes could come down to Broncos/Chiefs in Week 17.

Stuart Zaas shares some numbers on the Broncos so far; the latest episode of Elway Live; a group of Broncos helped load food bank trucks yesterday.


Over at Cheesehead TV, a breakdown of the 32-yard TD catch by the Bears' Kellen Davis. Plus, analysis of the play of Packers DL Ryan Pickett.

Also, daily links from yesterday and a blog roundup from the Packersphere.

Mike McCarthy spoke on Monday about the toughness of Ryan Grant, who played through a bruised kidney. Meanwhile, Ross Tucker thinks a horrible message is being sent when football people and the media talk about pain tolerance determining whether a player will suit up.

Tom Silverstein offers a lengthy writeup on the recovery by TE Jermichael Finley from his knee injury.

Here's video of Silverstein and former Packers S Leroy Butler breaking down some play from Green Bay's win over the Bears via whiteboard.

The maker of foam cheeseheads rightly took issue with an billboard which laughably blames cheese for people's health problems. Right, folks are unhealthy because of cheese. WTF?


Indy signed QB Dan Orlovsky, while the Rams signed CB Rod Hood. Plus, the Texans finally cut RB Steve Slaton after weeks of speculation, while Saints K Garrett Hartley, Bucs S Cody Grimm and Jets OL Robert Turner are done for the year.

Tony Romo said the Redskins were cheating by simulating his snap count on Monday night. Meanwhile, Matt Bowen is okay with Jim Haslett's decision to blitz the Cowboys on 3rd-and-21, while DeAngelo Hall is decidedly not okay with it.

Clinton Portis and Larry Johnson worked out for the Bengals yesterday.

Mike Freeman is hearing that LSU coach Les Miles is the next hot candidate to make the leap to the NFL.

Former Saints DB Steve Gleason is battling ALS just three years after retiring, and the team honored him with a party Monday night and a SB ring. More on Gleason from PK, plus King responds to emails.

CA guv Jerry Brown signed a bill to help expedite construction of a football stadium in La La Land.

Chase Stuart and Don Banks on the teams who were expected to thrive this year but are struggling early on.

Doug Farrar breaks down Saints/Texans and Browns/Dolphins.

Bucky Brooks evaluates the play of Darren McFadden, Sidney Rice, and the Eagles' secondary.

Greg Gabriel analyzes the rookie play from Steelers/Colts and Patriots/Bills.


Zach Sanders of Advanced NFL Stats shows us the tip of the iceberg on QB Rating adjusted to each season's league average, ala OPS+ and ERA+ in baseball. Great stuff, because as we all know it's all about context, baby! Meanwhile, Matt Bowen offers a technical explanation of why QB play is up so far this year.

CHFF on the many remarkable comebacks from Week 3, the best RB performances according to their rusher rating, and their latest power ranking which puts Denver at #26.

Over at PFW, emerging themes from Eric Edholm, MVP and ROY candidates (led by Von Miller).

DYAR and DVOA from FO.

Man, the logo for the SB in the swamps of the Meadowlands is prettay prettay ugly.

KSK captionizes Week 3 action.

Here's what Chris Brown has been reading of late.

Rob Rang updates his big board, while Wes Bunting evaluates Clemson DT Brandon Thompson.

A bit late with this, but here's Bill Simmons' last mailbag of the summer.

How good is this Chilean guy's rendition of Yellow Ledbetter? Or, this guy singing Somebody to Love?

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