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Good Morning, Broncos fans! I don't often utilize this space to address or respond to comments, but I feel like doing so today. Yesterday, it was stated that pointing out Kyle Orton's shortcomings was becoming a tired exercise, that the Orton/Tebow debate is old hat. That bringing up the sack data from FO was useless. Here's what I have to say about that:

  1. Focusing on the fact that Orton holds the ball too long does not relate to Tim Tebow, nor was it a call for the youngster to play.
  2. It's not hackneyed, because we hear all the time that Orton doesn't stand a chance behind Denver's offensive line, or did you miss all the reaction to the opener versus the Raiders?
  3. IAOFM is about critical thinking. It's not about sticking to positivity, Kool-Aid, or expecting the Broncos to go 13-3 every year. You know where to go for that. And as Ted mentioned yesterday, there's no room for getting emotionally attached to one player or another, at least not for us writers. I'm guessing a lot of you would visit us a lot less frequently if we were to hold to our opinions out of stubbornness and ignore facts and film. Like Ted, I am constantly getting new information from my eyes, and if that means a fluidity to my assessments of Orton and Tebow, then so be it. Honestly, I do not care who is quarterbacking the Denver Broncos - only that he does so for a long time and at a high level that produces lots of wins for our team. That's it. Yes, there are other things to worry about, but in the NFL it's all about the quarterback, and the Broncos are unsettled in that department. So until that changes, we are going to be spending a lot of time here writing/debating the quarterback position.

Now that that's out of the way, let's get to the day's news. Of course, we'll have some Fat Pickins, an open thread and TJ's incomparable Gut Reactions for you today. Have a great day, everyone!


Klis says Knowshon Moreno and Dante Rosario will both play today.

Nate Winkler previews the game for CHFF and expects Chris Johnson to run rampant, that the Titans would win if it comes down to Hasselbeck/Orton, and that Denver won't have the same running success they did last week.

Andrew Mason goes over keys to the game and predicts a Titans victory. Plus, he revisits last year's slugfest.

WTF?!?! No scantastic preview from the DP today, only Legwold's typed words to scout the game.

LJ offers up a Q&A with WR Matt "Please Stop Calling Me Matthew" Willis.

Legwold on the proliferation of the pass in today's NFL as dictated by the rules. Good thing we have a HC who wants to run the ball...

Klis theorizes about the NFL's salary cap system and bases his column on the false notion that Denver was ever $9 million over the cap like his colleagues Legwold and Krieger had lazily claimed months ago. Yay, journalism.

Woody spent an entire column writing about John Fox's decision to bring the team east a day earlier than normal.

Max Henson previews the game for the official site.


David Climer on Titans OC Chris Palmer's willingness to alter his game plan on the fly.

Tom Gower of TT revisits the Titans' pass protection last week against the Ravens.

John Glennon on the early success of the Titans' wideouts thus far.


Cedric Benson is appealing his three-game suspension by the league and taking legal action against the NFLPA, claiming they did not represent him properly.

Meanwhile, Cincy WR Jerome Simpson will play today despite the fact that 8.5 lbs of marijuana was found at his house this week.

The NFL is expected to rule on Terrelle Pryor's suspension appeal sometime this week.

Andy Barall offers a remembrance of the late Orlando Brown.

Tidbits on all of today's matchups from PFW.

Matt Bowen shares a few things he'll be looking for today, while Doug Farrar examines the matchup between New Orleans and Houston.

AFC and NFC Whispers via PFW, including the wild notion that Robert Ayers isn't exactly a draft bust. WHO KNEW?!?!?!

Sam Mellinger writes that the relationship between Scott Pioli and Handshake Haley is at something of a crossroads.

In his Sunday column, Dan Pompei considers the Bills' early success and says the NFL could use more risk takers along the lines of the Oakland Athletics' Billy Beane.

Carson Cistulli's weekly notes, including debunking the notion that Jay Cutler's many sacks are the result of long pass patterns.

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