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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Here's something to consider when figuring out where to assign blame for the 70 sacks Kyle Orton has taken during his 31 games as a Bronco - how long do the sacks of Orton take to play out? Obviously, there's been plenty of chatter here about Orton and pass protection, and it's been my assertion that Kyle "walks into" too many of them due to his poor pocket awareness and mobility within it, while Ted has focused on Orton's tendency to hold the ball too long and his reluctance to check it down.

Well, as the data from J.J. Cooper of Football Outsiders points out, the overwhelming majority (80.49%) of sacks Denver allowed in 2009 and 2010 took more than 2.5 seconds to play out, which is the fifth-highest such figure among all teams, trailing only the Chiefs, Titans, Ravens and Vikings. At the other end of the spectrum is the Colts and their craptastic offensive line - and although Indy didn't allow a high number of sacks, we all know that's a credit to Peyton Manning's awareness and quick decisions. An incredible 61.76% of their sacks allowed took less than 2.5 seconds to occur, or when Manning just didn't have time to get the ball out. So, Kyle...just get rid of the damn ball!


Notes from Lindsay Jones and Andrew Mason: Elvis Dumervil has been declared out for tomorrow's game, and he stayed in Denver to receive treatment while the rest of the team headed east yesterday (a day earlier than normal) to get adjusted to the time difference.

Legwold analyzes the matchup and figures the Broncos could make some big plays downfield in the passing game, and that of course they need to protect Kyle Orton and maintain discipline against Chris Johnson.

Klis wonders if the Broncos' slew of injuries is an aftereffect of the lockout.

Legwold explores the differences between Tim Tebow and Cam Newton in terms of their physical skills and the organizational support they each have/don't have.

Video of John Fox speaking after practice yesterday and of Robert Ayers responding to fan questions, plus notes and photos from practice via Kenny Legan, and a story on the charitable work of Zane Beadles.


Drexel Perry of Total Titans examines Tennessee's keys to victory tomorrow.

Notes: It still appears S Jordan Babineaux will start in place of Chris Hope, and Kenny Britt is being mentored by Randy Moss.

The staff of The Tennessean preview tomorrow's game.

Titans DE Derrick Morgan made his season debut last week after tearing his ACL in last year's game with the Broncos.


Former Browns and Ravens OT Orlando Brown was found dead in his home yesterday. Doug Farrar offers a remembrance.

Incredibly, the NFLPA reportedly agreed to a list of eight players who could be suspended for their actions during the lockout.

The NFL hit Tampa Bay with an undisclosed fine for their illegal contact with players during the lockout.

New England waived old friend Dan Gronkowski, while the G-Men re-signed WR Michael Clayton to replace old friend Domenik Hixon, who was placed on IR.

A group of Congressmen sent a letter to the Commish and De Smith asking when the league will begin HGH testing.

Pat KirwanMike Lombardi, Mike Silver and Peter King preview the week's games.

The guys over at PFW reported yesterday that there's serious friction in Seattle between GM John Schneider and HC Pete Carroll, but Doug Farrar isn't buying it.

Greg Gabriel on the teams that have surprised him thus far.


Matt Bowen analyzes Cam Newton's TD pass against the Packers last week.

Here's what Chris Brown has been reading, plus he examines the cutting-edge strategies employed by LSU and WVU, who face off tonight in Morgantown.

Unsilent Majority is taking Denver and the points (seven of them).

The best of the week's quotes from FO.

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