The Daily Lard 9-18-11

Good Morning/Afternoon, Broncos fans! Apologies for the late Lard, but I was out of town, back just in time to catch the day's games - this will be an abbreviated edition. Of course, the big news is that the Broncos have given up on the already slim chance that Ty Warren would be able to return to health in time to have an impact on the 2011 season while wasting a roster spot for much of the year. Instead, they placed him on IR yesterday to open a spot for RB Jeremiah Johnson, who was promoted from the practice squad for today's game.

In other injury news, Marcus Thomas had been expected to rejoin the team before last week's opener, but he apparently suffered a groin strain during his conditioning test - that is what kept him out Monday night and will cause him to miss today's game as well.


Andrew Mason goes over his keys for today and predicts a Denver victory by a TD.

Legwold's scanerrific game preview.

Krieger thinks another loss today with Kyle Orton at the helm would make keeping him as the starting QB pointless. Plus, he wonders who is providing Kyle with his PR advice.

Klis says the Orton/Tebow debate is hurting the team's home field advantage.

Lindsay Jones shares a Q&A with rookie TE Virgil Green.

LJ compares the Tebow situation to those of other young QBs around the league.

Max Henson previews today's game, plus the team took their annual team photo yesterday.

The Broncos honored Shannon Sharpe on Friday night at a dinner as part of the team's annual alumni weekend.


Keys to the game from the Bengals' perspective.

Naturally, Cedric Benson & Co. are hoping to run wild today.

Notes on the game from Joe Reedy.


Chris Mortensen says the NFL expects to have some form of HGH testing in place within the next week or so.

AFC and NFC Whispers from PFW.

In his Sunday column, Dan Pompei lists his top 10 QB prospects for 2012 based upon his conversation with scouts.

Carson Cistulli's weekly notes, including a preview of Raiders/Bills and Chargers/Pats.

Matt Bowen is interested to see how the Chiefs handle Calvin Johnson without Eric Berry, and how San Diego defenses the Pats' TEs.

Week 3 candidates for the Pammies.

Chris Brown reacts to Pitt and Cuse ditching the Big East, a disastrous development for fans of BEAST hoops like yours truly.

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