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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Over at PFF, Khaled Elsayed analyzes Monday's loss, calling Raiders LB Kam Wimbley the star of the night and crediting Von Miller with playing a game that hints at future stardom. The only other positive on the Broncos' ledger was the effort of Jason Hunter - no mention of Brian Dawkins. As for assigning blame, PFF graded all of the offensive linemen as having losing performances, especially Orlando Franklin and Chris Kuper, while Kyle Orton did not fare well under pressure. Let us know if you've heard that one before.

Meanwhile, Nathan Jahnke reviews the Bengals' victory over the Browns on Sunday, basically saying they won because they just managed to suck less than Cleveland did. Jahnke writes that DEs Robert Geathers (who did not practice yesterday) and Carlos Dunlap combined to apply plenty of pressure on Colt McCoy, that Cedric Benson had an impressive game, and that QB Andy Dalton forced plenty of passes and was lucky to not turn the ball over more and cost the Bengals the game. But Bruce Gradkowski graded out even worse, and aside from his quick-snap TD with nobody in coverage, he only completed 11 passes for 51 yards.


As Andrew Mason details, Kyle Orton's teammates are sticking up for him and not pleased about the booing and chants calling for Tim Tebow to play, and Orton says he's done answering questions about the topic.

Elvis Dumervil, Champ Bailey, Brandon Lloyd, and Knowshon Moreno joined Marcus Thomas, Demaryius Thomas, Ty Warren and D.J. Williams on the list of players who did not practice yesterday. The latter four will not play on Sunday, either, while Dumervil sounds pretty frustrated by his shoulder injury. Without pointing to anyone in specific, John Fox said yesterday that the Broncos' newly injured players are day to day.

Brian Dawkins thinks the shortened training camp and lack of two-a-days means fresher legs and contributed to his fine performance on Monday.

In his latest mailbag, Woody explains again why he thinks Kyle Orton is a dud. He then sticks up for John Fox's record but hilariously criticizes him for failing to run a 3-4 based defensive scheme and utilize a shotgun- and/or spread-based offense that would fit the skills of Tim Tebow. Perhaps if he hadn't helped run the previous guy out of town...speaking of whom, Woody dredges everything up again, now declaring the Bears winners of the Cutler trade, and listing what he perceives are the biggest mistakes of Josh McDaniels' time in Denver (somehow of course, his own sartorial advice for Josh is on the list). Five questions about the Broncos, three of them mainly about Josh McDaniels. I suppose Woody's just giving Fox an extra week or two before he devotes a mailbag to criticizing him solely.

Legwold believes the O-line needs to play better before Tebow can be brought in for red-zone plays.

Matt Prater, whose own 56-yard whiff led to a Raiders FG, says he'd like a shot at breaking the 63-yard record.

Video of John Fox and Kyle Orton speaking after practice yesterday, plus notes and photos from Kenny Legan. Meanwhile, Mike Rice thinks the Broncos' awful play Monday was just a matter of being at the steep end of the learning curve under a new head coach.

Deep thoughts from Captain Obvious, who points out that two teams that went 4-12 in 2010 will be featuring lots of rookies.

Oh my. Some fan in Kentucky wants to spend big bucks to post billboards in Denver calling for Tebow to start.

Steve Beuerlein and some guy I've never heard of are calling the game for CBS on Sunday.


The Bengals' victory over the Browns is one of the games Andy Benoit breaks down in his weekly film review; he says while Cedric Benson racked up 121 yards, it didn't seem the running game was doing that well, and that Andy Dalton was impressive. On defense, Benoit writes that he was impressed by the Bengals' front four, their corners and for once, S Reggie Nelson.

There's cautious optimism in Cincinnati that Andy Dalton will start on Sunday for the Bengals.

Doesn't sound like the Bengals miss T.O. or Chad Johnson. Plus, they signed ex-Packers TE Donald Lee yesterday and waived CB Rico Murray. As for the Bengals' injury report, DE Robert Geathers, LB Dontay Moch and S Taylor Mays did not practice yesterday. QB Andy Dalton, OL Otis Hudson, DE Michael Johnson, DE Frostee Rucker and T Andrew Whitworth were limited.


Fittingly as the Bengals come to face the Broncos, Brandon Stokley is back in the NFL after he agreed to join the G-Men, who also tried out T.J. Whosyourmama yesterday.

The Dolphins have brought back CB Will Allen to replace the departed Bennie Sapp. Meanwhile, Mike Lombardi breaks down the 99-yard TD that cost Sapp his job.

Charles Woodson was fined $10K for turning the NFL's opener into Thursday Night at the Fights.

Ravens DT Terrence Cody dropped a whopping 65 pounds of weight this past offseason.

Judging by his ridiculous criticism of Chad Johnson, it sounds like Tedy Bruschi is just jealous because he himself can't play anymore.

Meanwhile, it's apparently in poor taste for Tom Brady to refer to the product of one of the industries that pays for every other commercial shown during NFL games and whose companies' names are plastered all over NFL stadiums. Yeah, makes total sense.

Pat Kirwan thinks Week 1 didn't show the poor quality of play all the alarmists were expecting due to the lockout.

Greg Gabriel was impressed by a few players' NFL debuts this past week.

Gil Brandt explains why he thinks passing numbers were so high in Week 1, plus his top senior QB prospects and NFL defensive coordinators.

Doug Farrar goes in depth in reviewing Panthers/Cards and Jets/Cowboys.

The PFF guys discuss some Week 1 issues and standout players. Plus, the highest player grades from the week, including our own Von Miller.


Kristian Dyer uses Joe McKnight's punt block Sunday night to explain just how rare a feat such a play is and what makes it so.

Jack Bechta points out a few teams whose ownerships spend freely, although sadly he doesn't name names when referring to the penny pinchers. Plus, Andrew Brandt examines some of the big contract extensions that were given out last week.

Mike Silver focuses on the Bills' destruction of the Chiefs and ranks the Broncos as 23rd in his weekly rankings.

Mike Freeman thinks the end is near for Donovan McNabb, and that coaches laugh when fans chant for players as happened on Monday night.

Bill Plaschke wonders when the Raiders will ever stop committing so many penalties, while Brian Burke is pondering whether Ray Lewis will ever slow down. Meanwhile, George Bretherton says the Raiders got screwed by the folks who create the NFL schedule.

The best and worst of Week 1's defensive hogs according to CHFF.

Chase Stuart doesn't feel that great about picking the Bengals, but at the same time he's shocked the Broncos are giving 4.5 points there. Aren't you?

The Atlantic's cover story is another examination of the NCAA's ridiculous concept of amateurism. (Thanks, Bob Morris!)

KSK captionizes and dishes out Meast/Least for Week 1, and they learned that the Chiefs got iPad playbooks.

AA presents their latest Pammies, shares Trent Dilfer-centric tweets from Monday night and floats a question: Would you pay for ESPN?

More entrants to the YouTube HOF over at Grantland.

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