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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Woody Paige is annoyed with claims that the team may not have fared any better Monday night had Tim Tebow been the quarterback, and frankly so am I. So, Kyle isn't the only problem. The offensive line isn't so great, the run defense was iffy for much of the game and poor late, and the team as a whole exhibited a complete utter lack of discipline. But why does the fact that Orton is not the only player at fault mean he deserves to keep the starting gig?

So, the pass protection isn't that great. In that case, do you prefer a QB who steps/shuffles/slides his way into a sack multiple times per game and at best throws it away under serious pressure? Or would you like to give your team a chance to make winning plays when there's a little bit of pressure? Let's not call this a knee-jerk reaction to one little game either, or was nobody watching the preseason when Orton was doing the very same thing? Look, I'm not saying Orton is a terrible QB. He's not - we saw him turn in some excellent performances over his first two seasons in Denver. But to truly excel, the guy needs a lot of good things happening around him: big, clean pockets, a solid running game which he will not contribute to (Monday's one first down aside), and apparently a dry, sunny day. Tebow may not be the answer, but we might as well find out. If he's not, Andrew Luck, Matt Barkley or Landry Jones might be...

PS. Just a little editing note - somehow the italicized text which provides game situation context was omitted from yesterday's Chewing the Fat, and I've just corrected that.


Notes from Klis: We'll know more today on the injury statuses of Elvis Dumervil, Champ Bailey, Brandon Lloyd and Knowshon Moreno. Plus, the team worked out former Hawaii safety Mana Silva yesterday.

More notes from LJ, plus she goes over the team's list of problems.

Klis responds to emails and points out that if the team is so bad this year that they're in line to draft Andrew Luck, it could be that several of the folks currently making decisions for the Broncos will be gone by that time anyway.

Doug Farrar recaps Monday's boos and writes that while Kyle Orton "has almost no mobility in the pocket," Tim Tebow may not have fared any better. Farrar also speculates that the calls for Tebow to play "are more a reflection of the fans' belief that the Broncos don't have a lot of hope this year, and they might as well see the former first-round pick."

Andrew Mason's observations from Monday: giving up on the run, letting Doom and Von run past the play, and replacing Orton with Tebow won't save the day.

Legwold thinks the Broncos' biggest problems Monday were penalties, run defense and a lack of depth.

Among his Week 1 analyses, Bucky Brooks thinks the Broncos' O-line looked "hesitant and unsure of their assignments" in the face of Oakland's pressure.

PFW's Eli Kaberon thinks Monday night was just more of the same from our Broncos.

Clark Judge thinks Tim Tebow's fans and critics both need to be patient with him.

PR notes on the Broncos' Week 2 matchup with Cincy.

Josina Anderson is now writing for ESPN, although she's at least using paragraphs longer than the one-sentence jobs she crafted over at KDVR. Great, between her and Williamson the Worldwide Leader probably thinks they have Denver covered?


Jaosn La Canfora says QB Andy Dalton's wrist injury is not serious, but there's real doubt as to whether he'll play on Sunday.

Notes on the Bengals from Joe Reedy.

Kevin Goheen writes that the play of Cincy's defensive line was a key to their victory over the Browns. Anyone else find it strange to see a newspaper site using an 11- or 12-point font? What is this, Highlights Magazine?


A group of NFL retirees have filed a class-action suit against the NFLPA and the Brady plaintiffs, asserting they had to right to negotiate or agree to terms on behalf of retired players.

San Diego signed K Nick Novak to replace the injured Nate Kaeding, who's out for the year.

Pats C Dan Koppen will undergo surgery to repair his ankle and be out 6-10 weeks, while the Bills placed WR Marcus Easley on IR with a reported heart ailment. The Dolphins have cut CB Bennie Sapp and worked out RB Brian Westbrook yesterday but didn't sign him.

As expected, the Steelers placed T Willie Colon on IR for the second straight year and signed OL Jamon Meredith to replace him. Meanwhile, the Browns placed P Richmond McGee on IR and replaced him with Brad Maynard.

Dallas signed CB Frank Walker, while the Texans brought back our summertime friend WR David Anderson with Kevin Walter hurt.

Falcons DT Justin Babineaux will be out 3-5 weeks with a knee injury, while Carolina signed old friend NT Ronnie Fields and G Reggie Wells to fill the roster spots of the recently cut Max Jean-Gilles and Jon Beason, who was placed on IR.

San Fran signed TE Justin Peele and waived their sixth-rounder S Colin Jones, while Seattle waived former Trojan TE Dominique Byrd and claimed RB Eddie Williams off the Browns' PS.

Eric Mangini says he regrets snitching on Bill Belichick and the Pats and starting the whole SpyGate mess.


Toni Monkovic polls Brian Burke, Chase Stuart and Jason Lisk on how many wins the Colts can expect sans Peyton Manning. Plus, Stuart thinks the 2011 Chiefs may be more like the 2009 ones than the 2010 version.

Matt Bowen was impressed by the Raiders' run game on Monday, breaks down a Michael Vick TD pass to DeSean Jackson, thinks the Dolphins had some poor playcalling on Monday, and ponders how the Packers will defense Cam Newton.

Don Banks wraps up Week 1 and calls Orton the modern-day Steve DeBerg, while Ross Tucker and Peter King respond to emails.

Scott Kacsmar examines Sunday's game-winning drives, while Kerry Byrne ponders how Tom Brady's MNF performance ranks among his best games.

Chris Brown loved the simplicity of Brady's 99-yard TD pass to Wes Welker, plus some college week two thoughts.

Brian Burke has a sensible new way to measure a defensive player's impact: Success Count.

Orton ranked 21st among QBs according to FO's DYAR, while the Broncos sit 25th in their DAVE rankings.

Jonathan Comey has the Broncos 30th in his power rankings, although he has Tebow's record backwards.

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