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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Doug Farrar rounds up plenty of praise for Von Miller from Greg Cosell and Cecil Lammey, mixing it all in with his own. Farrar and Cosell see Miller as being similar to DeMarcus Ware, and they make note of Von's sack against James Carpenter where he starts outside and then suddenly shifts inside as his most impressive play thus far. Lammey sees Miller as being most successful as a 5-2 end, says he may be the fastest pass rusher in the league and lauds his anticipation of the snap.

Farrar also takes another look at Tim Tebow and the plight of QBs who run the spread option in college and their difficult transitions to the pro game. Farrar again hits up Cosell, who thinks Tebow's mechanics are just poor overall. Meanwhile, Jon Gruden echoes the points made by Mike Lombardi in that any team with plans for Tebow as a QB need to commit to him fully, and that means molding their offense to fit the player, rather than the other way around.

Of course, there's a game tonight - the Broncos play at Arizona to close out the preseason on NFLN with a ridiculous 10pm ET kickoff time (the Lard may suck tomorrow). According to Lindsay Jones and Mike Klis, we'll probably see Brady Quinn start the game but hand it off pretty early to Tebow, who will presumably get the bulk of the playing time before ceding to Adam Weber. As always, open thread and TJ's Gut Reactions tonight and Chewing the Fat tomorrow.


Legwold says Lance Ball, Jeremiah Johnson and Brandon Minor could all be fighting for one roster spot, as he repeats the notion that Denver will look to claim a RB off waivers. Plus, he says the Broncos will be active on the wire waiver because they were 4-12 last year.

Arnie Stapleton focuses on Adam Weber and what could have been for the young QB had Kyle Orton been dealt to Miami (although Denver probably would have then signed either Matt Moore or Jake Delhomme).

Woody thinks Kyle Orton gained a first down on his impressive scramble the other night against Seattle (he didn't, and then Denver failed to convert on fourth down), and that's about all you need to know about his latest mailbag. Plus, he somehow thinks it's a big victory that Sports Authority took down those temporary banners from SAFaMH which caused such an uproar.

Legwold also writes that the Broncos need to "come out of the gate with some passion" this year. I suppose he would know something about that, after all he is Captain Passion. He also hilariously tries to link preseason results with those of the regular season, and his proof is the performance of Mike Shanahan's Denver teams.

Video of John Fox and Kyle Orton speaking after practice, Max Henson's practice notes, and an article on Orton's thoughts on the running game.

Jim Trotter previews the AFC West, and he sees a 5-11 season at best from the Broncos. Meanwhile, his boy PK chimes in (see video clip) and says Denver gets no more than five or six wins and thinks they'll struggle to run the ball. Don't you love when reporters turn analysts?

The Smoking Jacket has some good fallback career plans for Tim Tebow should this quarterbacking thing not end up working out.

Here's a pretty cool (and long) video about the workout regimen that's gotten Knowshon Moreno into such great shape. Unusual (and neat) to see a pro athlete working in a group setting with regular gym members. (Thanks, RSH!)

Podcasts of Vic & Gary speaking with John Fox and John Lynch.


The Saints and Drew Brees are working on a new deal.

T Andrew Whitworth signed a two-year extension with the Bengals, while WR Mark Clayton has re-signed with the Rams.

Pippi Bongstocking was acquitted of his weed charges, while Cedric Benson is getting a head start on his jail term.

Arian Foster tweeted an image of the MRI results on his hamstring, and John Clayton got a diagnosis from an ESPN consultant who thinks the RB will be out a few weeks.

Terrelle Pryor should fit right in with the Raiders: he apparently scored a 7 (yes, seven) on the Wonderlic. Meanwhile, Oakland claimed LB Jeremy Leman off waivers from San Diego, placed one guy on IR and waived/injured another.

PFF previews the Seahawks' season and answers some AFCN questions. Plus, PFW previews the Texans, Colts, Jaguars and Titans, and Kevin Fishbain apparently thinks the Broncos have the same defense as last year according to his season predictions.

Matt Bowen says to keep your eye on special teams tonight, plus his thoughts on Frank Gore's new contract and the struggles of Ravens rookie WR Torrey Smith.

Jack Bechta shares his thoughts on the effects of social media and the increased access NFL teams are providing.

Not sure when John Clayton became a QB expert, but his annual rankings are out - and almost half the QBs are labeled as Elite, and there are only three categorizations.

Reed Albergotti of the WSJ thinks the new kickoff rules will prevent teams from finding certain diamonds in the rough, ala Terrell Davis in Tokyo back in '95. (Thanks, RSH!)


CHFF looks at NFCE over/unders, while FO shares their second set of WR crowd-sourcing predictions.

KSK captionizes PS Week 3, plus Christmas Ape shares his over/under predictions for the season (under for Denver at 5.5)

Charles Robinson shot back at Jason Whitlock's accusatory column from the other day, and Matt Yoder of AA is backing up Robinson.

Naturally, Darnell Dockett thinks it's funny that he almost brought a gun with him to Cardinals HQ.

Peyton Hillis is loving them comparisons to Chuck Norris.

The nation's top 50 seniors according to Wes Bunting.

Chris Brown offers a thorough look at the Inverted Veer, which he suspects we'll see across the country this year.

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