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Good Morning, Broncos fans! In a column today, Legwold considers the emergence of new starting Mike LB Joe Mays, whom the Broncos acquired last summer from the Eagles. Naturally, I'm going to gloss over the quotes (ZZZZZZ) and focus on the minutiae - he paints the deal as one of, if not the only successful trade of the Josh McDaniels era - never mind the Cutler and Marshall deals. Of course, Legwold doesn't even get the details correct, writing that Denver got a draft pick along with Mays from Philly. Would be nice if it were true - rather, the Broncos dealt twice-signed RB J.J. Arrington to Philly along with a 2012 sixth-rounder conditional upon whether Arrington made the 2010 Eagles. He did not, so Denver owes the pick.

Interestingly, there's more to this 2012 Draft picture, as the Broncos may still owe another conditional pick to the Browns as part of the Peyton Hillis/Brady Quinn deal. The specifics are unavailable on that one (plenty of earlier reports had said Denver was sending a sixth-rounder, but that's obviously not the case since it's going to Philly), so it's unclear what's left of that trade, if anything. Perhaps it's tied to Quinn's playing time this year? Who knows - maybe Captain Journalism can dig up the facts, that is if we want to trust him with that kind of hard work.


Elvis Dumervil and Brian Dawkins suffered minor injuries yesterday, but they're unlikely to play tomorrow anyway, so they should have plenty of time to heal up. Plus, LJ says the team isn't interested in C Andre Gurode, recently cut by the Cowboys.

Jeffri Chadiha focuses on Doom and what else but his shortness relative to other pro athletes.

Tyson Langland of PFF analyzes Saturday's game, and he saw what we did - that Knowshon Moreno and Elvis Dumervil continue to impress, that Joe Mays played quite well, and that some of the pass protection isn't looking so hot.

Andrew Mason on the importance of Cassius Vaughn to the defense, plus the elimination of the emergency QB and the air of mystery it lends to Denver's strategy.

Do not fret, my pets - the hideous new sign up on SAFaMH is only a temporary banner.

Captain Obvious says the coaching staff actually factors both games and practice, along with the level of competition, into their evaluations of players. No freaking way, dude!!! Plus, he says time was short this year for undrafted rookies to make the team, and none are likely to for Denver.

Lindsay Jones is excited that the Broncos are among the few teams still killing trees (I kid) to put out their media guides. Meanwhile, you can download a carbon footprint-free PDF right here. Of course, it's huge.

Sacco did a ton of research to learn that the horse on Denver's helmets for five games in 1962 was blue, rather than the white they went with for a few years after that.

Video of John Fox speaking yesterday, practice notes from Kenny Legan, and an article on Julius Thomas by Max Henson.

Here's a partial transcript and podcast of Willis McGahee visiting with the guys on The Drive on Monday.

Greg Cote of the Herald also thinks the Dolphins' decision to honor the Gators when the Broncos come to town is a mistake. MJD says Hey, why not?


San Diego released longtime long snapper David Binn yesterday and waived a bunch of players I've never heard of. Plus, the team flatly denied rumors the Spanos family would sell the team.

Oakland waived some players and placed LB Travis Goethal on IR, while the Chiefs lost G Ryan O'Callaghan for the season.

The Niners gave RB Frank Gore $13.5M in guarantees as part of a new three-year deal and also activated WR Michael Crabtree from the PUP list.

S James Sanders wasn't on the market long - he signed with Tom Dimitroff and the Falcons, while the Saints cut DE Alex Brown and signed K John Kasay after Garrett Hartley injured his hip.

Bears RB Chester Taylor was told he was getting cut, and then he wasn't, and Matt Bowen says those are some dirty dealings by Chicago. In other words, more typical slimy stuff from Jerry Angelo after that draft day trade stunt they pulled on the Ravens this year.

As expected, Browns G Eric Steinbach had back surgery and is out for the year, while the team is working on an extension for Peyton Hillis.

Seahawks TE John Carlson is also done after having a torn labrum in his shoulder repaired, and the team may cut WR Golden Tate already. Panthers G Geoff Schwartz is also out for the season with a hip injury.

PFF previews the seasons of the Chargers, Steelers and Eagles, plus their analysis of Cowboys/Vikings  and Jets/Giants. Meanwhile, PFW previews the Steelers, Ravens, Bengals and Browns

Andrew Brandt breaks down Michael Vick's new contract, while Scott Kacsmar of CHFF doesn't think he deserves the big bucks just yet.

Meanwhile, Brian Burke views the deal of Peyton Manning through the prism of how QBs age and shows that his performance is likely to fall off a cliff one of these years.

Matt Bowen draws up his go-to play for making a big conversion, and he wonders if Aaron Maybin can do enough to stick with the Jets.

Greg Gabriel defines what makes a player a draft bust, and how they earn such a label.

PK responds to emails and shares his feelings on Lions beat reporter Tom Kowalski, who died on Monday at the age of 51.


Luis DeLoureiro's latest predictions - including an MVP for Philip Rivers, and lesser seasons from BLloyd, Matt Cassel, Jamaal Charles, Peyton Hillis and Jay Cutler. Oh, and Andrew Luck to the Niners and his old coach Jim Harbaugh.

Here's what Chris Brown has been reading/watching.

Rob Rang's latest 2012 Draft big board.

Jets C Nick Mangold has apparently set out to photobomb the Sanchize this year - hopefully he doesn't tire of it.

We may all laugh at Chad Johnson, but he's got a some pretty cool fish tanks - around his bed and behind his TVs.

Drew of KSK wrote a novel that hit yesterday titled The Postmortal.

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