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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Puzzingly, Jeff Legwold thinks the Broncos' FO should speak up regarding Tim Tebow's status within the organization. Really, what's the point? He's either starting or he's not, and we all know he's not. We also know he's not going anywhere, as his 2011-2014 salaries have already been paid out. Beyond that, any more Tebow talk from Johns Fox and/or Elway is wasted breath, and we know the coach isn't about to tip his hand to how the young QB may or may not be used come the regular season. Are we the fans owed some sort of explanation or road map? Absolutely not.

Top backup? First into the game in the case of an injury to Kyle Orton? First guy to start if Orton is unable or inept? Will Tebow see any short-yardage or goal-to-go snaps this season without those prior occurences? Let's just wait and see, why don't we?


Practice notes from Andrew Mason and Legwold, who for some unknown reason thinks the cutting of Nate Jones registers as a "slight surprise." Meanwhile, Mason explains that Jones' versatility simply wasn't enough to help him beat out the Broncos' youthful defensive backs.

In his latest mailbag, Mike Klis floats the idea that Denver's third RB could be someone they pick up via this week's roster cuts rather than Lance Ball or Jeremiah Johnson. Plus, he could see the Broncos giving Orton a new deal should the team go .500 or better.

Mason focuses on the prospects of QB Adam Weber - both to play on Thursday and to make the Broncos' practice squad.

Legwold thinks the injury to D.J. Williams will be a serious test of Denver's roster depth.

Lindsay Jones on the emergence of Cassius Vaughn and Kyle McCarthy from undrafted rookies into important role players sure to make the team. Plus, she explains why some players are cut and others are waived.

Video of John Fox speaking after practice, notes on practice from Max Henson, and Kenny Legan's notes on what Fox had to say.

Woody finds it ridiculous that the attendance-starved Dolphins are honoring the 2008 Gators (including Tebow) when the Broncos visit Miami this year. Meanwhile, Tebow's jersey sales have slipped to 10th in the league.


Not that this should catch any IAOFM readers by surprise, but according to the Broncos have the fifth-most cap room in the league (just over $24.5M)

Michael Vick got a new deal from Philly which reportedly includes about $40M in guarantees.

Cedric Benson received a sentence of 20 days in jail for punching a bouncer and beating the pulp out of his roommate.

Jeremy Shockey apparently saved the life of his fellow Panthers TE Ben Hartsock, who was choking on some food.

Peyton Manning was taken off Indy's PUP list and practiced yesterday; he plans to play in the opener. Are you surprised?

Dallas C Andre Gurode and Pats S James Sanders were the biggest names cut yesterday, while the Seahawks traded former first-rounder CB Kelly Jennings to the Bengals.

Arizona lost CB Greg Toler for the season with a torn ACL, Vikings DT Kevin Williams has plantar fasciitis, and C Todd McClure had knee surgery and may miss the Falcons' opener.

PFF previews the seasons of the Raiders and Giants, plus their analysis of Bears/Titans, Texans/Niners, Saints/Raiders, Redskins/Ravens, and Patriots/Lions. Meanwhile, Kevin Fishbain of PFW offers season previews of the Jets, Pats, Bills and Dolphins.

Greg Gabriel explains how teams go about constructing practice squads.

In summing up the preseason so far, Eric Edholm thinks the Broncos could be one of the teams to surprise early on even though he apparently doesn't know how well the defense has been playing. Meanwhile, his colleague Dan Arkush thinks the Broncos have a four-win ceiling this year. Don't flip out just yet - simply take note.

Wes Bunting thinks the Raiders hit big on Taiwan Jones.

As Roger Goodell nears his five-year anniversary as Commish, Judy Battista looks back at his controversial reign thus far.


Erik Frenz of CHFF considers five great statistical matchups of the 2011 season.

NFLN will be airing a two-hour documentary on Bill Belichick. Yes, please.

Sam Bradford signed some girl's Marry Me, Bradford sign and she's probably still crying about it.

Drew translates Peter King's MMQB.

MJD reviews Madden 12.

Ben Koo of AA shares his favorite 10 YT sports media moments.

Novak Djokovic has a bizarre-looking hyperbaric chamber-type thingy he hangs out in.

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