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Good Morning, Broncos fans! According to Legwold, the Broncos expect to be without LB D.J. Williams (dislocated elbow) for the first two weeks of the season, although there's a chance he could return by Week 2. Unfortunately, he says there's also a chance that DT Brodrick Bunkley (knee sprain) could miss the opener against Darren McFadden and the Raiders. Obviously, the absence of Bunkley is not going to help Denver's cause in trying to prevent a repeat of their most recent matchups - the Raiders have ripped us for a total of 833 rushing yards over the past three games, and no that is not a typo. By higher math, that averages out to 277.7 yards per game on the ground. Hmm, time to try out some platelet rich plasma injection therapy on Bunkley's knee?


Although Denver's defense looks much improved, Legwold points out that they'll be facing a much higher caliber of quarterbacks during the regular season.

As LJ points out, the Broncos' starting offense is doing quite well so far in terms of putting the ball in the end zone.

Just like we are here, the Broncos are very happy with their pass rush but a bit concerned about their run defense, according to the AP (presumably Stapleton or Graham).

Legwold and one of his readers consider the outside-the-box implications of the new kickoff rules. Plus, he reiterates that the Broncos' starters aren't expected to play Thursday night.

Max Henson's notes on the offense from Saturday.


Oakland got smoked by the Saints yesterday by a score of 40-20.

Anti-doping expert Don Catlin says the NFLPA's concerns over HGH testing (ie. false positives and WADA's reluctance to share blood data with independent testers) are well-founded.

Bucky Brooks reacts to Saturday's games, and of course he has plenty of praise for the Von Miller/Elvis Dumervil QB nightmare show. Brooks was as impressed by by both players as we all were, and figures we'll see a lot more big plays from the Denver D this year. Now, this isn't to say that a player of Von's caliber has been available to Denver before, but one would have to figure that had any of them been provided with a talent like this, Jim Bates, Mike Nolan, or Wink Martindale would have kept their jobs longer? (Nothing was helping Bob Slowik.)

PFW's latest AFC and NFC Whispers, including what may be an outdated notion on the Broncos (but hopefully not) - that Jeremiah Johnson could be the team's third RB and cost Lance Ball a roster spot. I'd like to see Johnson stick as the fourth RB behind Ball because he brings an element of speed the other backs don't, but Andrew Mason tweeted on Saturday that Johnson appears to somehow be just sixth on the depth chart at this point.

Some interesting Audibles from PFW too, as one of their sources thinks Handshake Haley will be done in KC after this year, knocking the team's WR group and one-time friend Casey Wiegmann. Plus, Barry Richardson will be Von Miller roadkill according to their assessment of him. Finally, one of PFW's sources thinks Tim Tebow is going to end up an NFL tight end due to his elongated throwing motion.

PFF's analysis of Jag/Bills, Falcons/Steelers, Dolphins/Bucs, and Chargers/Cards, and Doug Farrar also on Falcons/Steelers. Plus, PFF's preview of the Jets' season.

Matt Bowen considers the offensive threats that are Saints TE Jimmy Graham and Steelers WR Antonio Brown.

PK's MMQB, which includes a fleeting mention of ZOMG Simon Fletcher (comparing Mario Williams to him, common thread being Wade Phillips), more praise for Von Miller, and he's not fond of the name SAFaMH.

Mike Freeman thinks Ndamukong Suh has become a dirty player, and that there's no turning back.

Mike Silver says the Cowboys have big expectations for Dez Bryant this year, after his offseason of drama.


AA thinks that not only has The Worldwide Leader overdone their coverage of the LLWS, but that their ombudsman has again failed in a big way.

Would be pretty cool to be running a marathon and be greeted along the way by Brian Wilson, no?

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