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Happy Friday, Broncos fans! Pat Bowlen did his annual the team looks good the players love the coach I love the coach sitdown with the DP, although this time it's Mike Klis asking the questions (hasn't this always been Woody's gig?). In comparing Josh McDaniels and John Fox, Bowlen offers up this puzzler - "(Josh) just didn't have the level of experience that made me comfortable. John does." Okay, so why did you hire the guy in the first place, Mr. B? Honestly, there's not much in the way of substance to this one, although Klis does write that given his druthers, Bowlen would prefer an offensive-minded coach who'll lead the team to put up a ton of points. But as Klis puts it, Bowlen was nudged in the defensive direction by John Elway. BTW, someone should tell Klis that the Patriots have only won three Super Bowls under Bill Belichick, so the Shanny/Belichick/Coughlin total for SB victories should be six rather than seven. Ah, details.


Legwold thinks that if the Broncos were interested in extending Kyle Orton's contract at this point, that the process would already have begun, and it apparently has not. And again, Legwold says Tim Tebow already received his $6.275M advance on his 2011-2014 salaries. 

Practice notes from Mason and Legwold - Orton was excused from practice yesterday (as Legwold points out, Orton's wife is due with their first child soon), so Tebow and Brady Quinn split the first-team reps. Meanwhile, Mario Haggan was back at practice after his shoulder injury, while Brandon Lloyd sat out, presumably due to knee soreness.

Before he left, Orton threw a pass which broke the windshield of Willis McGahee's Porsche. Best part? McGahee sees this as an excuse to go buy a new car. Must be nice to have it like that, huh?

Arnie Stapleton profiles Matt Prater, who says he'd like to stick in Denver for the long term.

Don Banks doesn't like the piling on of Tebow's critics, and calls Quinn one of the most improved QBs in the league so far this preseason.

Chris Brown breaks down the speed option, which he thinks the Broncos should be utilizing with Tebow.

Video of John Fox speaking after yesterday's practice, practice notes from Kenny Legan, and an article from Gray Caldwell.

Legan profiles Denver's Director of Player Development Jerry Butler, while Caldwell makes the push for BLloyd to receive a 100 rating in Madden 12 for spectacular catches.

Tebow will be joining Drew Brees and Eric Dickerson on The Biggest Loser in October.


Terrelle Pryor and the Raiders agreed to a four-year deal, while the Chiefs signed TE Anthony Becht.

The Panthers claimed DT Kentwan Balmer off waivers from the Seahawks, while their owner Jerry Richardson doesn't want his #1 pick Cam Newton getting inked up.

Former Lions and Redskins G Dick Stanfel, and ex-Steelers CB Jack Butler were nominated for HOF enshrinement by the seniors committee.

Matt Bowen explains the importance of this week's preseason games, while Banks considers the impact of social media and technology within the locker room.

Mike Silver is wondering what happened to the NFLPA's intent to rein in some of the Commish's power over personal conduct.

Peter King visits with the Saints, while Andy Benoit previews the Vikings' season; PFF does the same for the Saints and Dolphins, plus their impression of Panthers/Bengals.

No Broncos on Mike Lombardi's list of offensive and defensive blue- and red-chip players - not even Ryan Clady, Brandon Lloyd, Champ Bailey or Elvis Dumervil, although Doom got a form of an honorable mention.

In his latest Walkthrough, Mike Tanier isn't too impressed so far by Kevin Kolb in Arizona.

Relative to 2010 Defensive Passer Rating, the Broncos' schedule is actually pretty easy fourth-hardest in the league.

Leigh Steinberg on the asbestos-related death of HOFer Merlin Olsen.


KSK gets inside BMarsh's head, plus their latest Sex/FF mailbag.

And, what if Michael Vick were a redhead or was white? Actually, ESPN did so first...

The CHFF guys agree with FO and are taking the over on Denver for 2011 wins (5.5).

Tampa Bay is fully into the 21st century, as they distributed their playbooks this year on iPads.

Here's what Chris Brown's been reading.

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