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Good Morning, Broncos fans! In his article today, Mike Klis focuses on Dennis Allen's creative use of Champ Bailey in covering the slot on passing downs. In reading the following quote from Allen, the role Charles Woodson has played for the Packers comes to mind:

We just felt like it would be the best thing for our team to move him inside. We can use him in a role he hasn't been used in as much — pressure the quarterback, lock him down on the slot and do some different things outside. I think it gives us a lot of flexibility putting him in there.

Now, we all know that the reports of Champ having lost a step or two are greatly exaggerated, but what is true is that he hasn't been put in a position to make many game-changing plays since having amassed an eye-popping 18 picks (plus one forced fumble and that legendary INT against the Pats in the playoffs) from 2005-2006. In fact, over the four years since, Champ has only had 9 INTs and three forced fumbles - basically, opponents have been able to largely ignore him. Hopefully, this year we'll get to see more of the big plays we know Champ is still capable of, now that he'll be regularly foisted upon the hearts of opposing offenses.

As a followup to yesterday's lead which focused on the wrong person (this guy), thanks for all the supportive words. They mean the world to me, and help give me the confidence to know I'm approaching things from the proper perspective. As for the $6.275M payout Tebow is due to receive this season, I'm hearing that he has in fact already received it - hopefully we'll get further confirmation soon. Of course, if that's the case, then there is zero chance Tebow will be cut or traded at any point this season.


Nancy Gay visited the Broncos this week and focuses on the FO's rebuilding of the defense.

As mentioned last night, Ty Warren underwent surgery and is expected back in 3 or 4 months' time.

Andrew Mason says that talk of an icy relationship between Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow is a bit overblown, at least if you ask the QBs themselves and Adam Weber.

Legwold on the return of the fullback to the Denver offense, plus some short-yardage stats without any league-wide context whatsoever. But I'll provide some - Captain Statistics writes with amazement that the Broncos passed on 3rd-and-3 plays on 17 of 21 instances, or 81% of the time. Yet, the John Fox-led Panthers passed it 89.5% of the time on 3rd and 3 last year.

Legwold says the Broncos simply had Rahim Moore and Orlando Franklin higher on their board than they did Stephen Paea, so that's why the draft shook out the way it did.

Video of John Fox, Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow speaking after practice yesterday, plus notes from practice and reaction from Orton and Tebow to the announcement that Orton would be the starter.

Andrew Mason shares some colorful Twitter exchanges he had with some of his followers, plus Von Miller responds to some questions from fans and from Vic Lombardi.


It appears Raiders LB Travis Goethel will miss the season with a torn knee ligament.

The Chargers are inducting Junior Seau to their HOF in November, and unfortunately the Broncos will be in attendance that day.

Unfortunately, the league's mandate of knee and thigh pads will not be enforced this year.

Chris Johnson is meeting with Titans brass to talk about a new contract today, while the Jags are going with David Garrard as their starting QB.

The Giants have already lost three defenders for the year after Sunday's game, adding Brian Witherspoon and Marvin Austin to Terrell Thomas.

Pittsburgh gave LB Lawrence Timmons a new deal worth $50M, while the Ravens agreed to terms with ex-Vikings lineman Bryant McKinnie.

The Dolphins have signed former Chiefs RB Larry Johnson, while the Cards are expected to sign his ex-mate Brodie Croyle, and the Cowboys added ex-Skins K Shayne Graham.

Kevin Williams is expected to serve a two-game suspension as the StarCaps case finally comes to a conclusion.

Drew Rosenhaus says his client Terrelle Pryor won't appeal his five-game suspension; Andrew Brandt wants to know why not.

Bill Belichick would like to move the extra point back to the 15- or 20-yard line.

Andy Benoit previews the seasons of the Packers and Lions, while Nate Jahnke does the same for the Chiefs.

Greg Gabriel thinks Oakland is a good fit for Terrelle Pryor, while Doug Farrar thinks Mario Williams looks like a fish out of water at his new position.


Chase Stuart considers the likelihood that Larry Fitzgerald will catch up to Jerry Rice's receiving records.

FO's wisdom of crowds for wideouts, including Brandon Lloyd.

Chris Brown on the "Go" concept and its importance within the Run and Shoot.

The excellent Brian Kenny is leaving The Worldwide Leader.

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