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Good Morning, Broncos fans! As you all know, I love to call professional journalists out for their factual errors, especially when they don't bother to go back and correct them later. Live by the sword, die by the sword, can't fear it, right? I've written a couple of times (including yesterday) that Tim Tebow was already due to have received his $6.275M payout (which is an advance on his 2011-2014 salaries). However, LJ tweeted yesterday that Tebow's payout is due on Sep 2, and she may in fact be correct. Having re-read the section of the new CBA that covers this stuff, the date for Tebow's payday was definitely no earlier than this past Saturday - it didn't come weeks ago, like I had written previously. I've asked a couple of writers to check into this, so hopefully we'll have a definitive answer shortly.

Anyway, here's the gist - if Tebow has not yet received his payout, then of course that opens the possibility for him to get cut like Mike Freeman wrote on Sunday, as unlikely as that sounds. Back to the self-flagellation - I pride myself in getting everything factually correct, and you as readers depend upon that. Doesn't always happen, unfortunately - so I can't promise it. But what I can guaranatee is to always double back and correct myself, and clearly so. I worry that the more times I do this I open that much more doubt about what I write daily, but I find that preferable to losing your respect and becoming Captain Hypocrite (what could be worse as a writer?). Anyway, I'll let you know what comes of the Tebow/cash money question as soon as I can. Okay, can I stop writing about myself now? Thanks...


Andrew Mason and Lindsay Jones on the announcement that Kyle Orton is the Broncos' starting QB.

Mason on the Broncos' defensive depth - Ryan McBean and Jeremy Jarmon are now working as the second-team tackles.

Notes from Klis - Richard Quinn is expected to clear waivers (as a couple of readers noted, Quinn could not be placed on IR prior to initial cutdowns because he's not yet a "vested veteran" - remember, this is how we lost Josh Barrett); as expected, Denver didn't bother with the supplemental draft; CB Chris Harris is making a roster push (at a crowded position); Brandon Stokley is a man without a team.

Krieger explains that yes, the divide over Tim Tebow actually does have to do with faith (no, not for everyone - but clearly so for many fans), and he wonders why Tebow's most fervent supporters expect that Denver should "Ignore performance in practice and anoint Tebow because he has overcome skepticism before?"

Legwold on the roster turnover of recent years, Willis McGahee's power running, and John Fox's commitment to the run.

Video of John Fox speaking yesterday after practice, plus a report from Broncos TV on the day. Plus, practice notes.

Having to choose between Tebow and Terrelle Pryor to be his QB is for Merril Hoge like choosing a way to die, apparently.

Speaking of, Chris Brown explains what's required to fix a QB's throwing mechanics.


The Raiders (naturally) selected Terrelle Pryor in the third round of the supplemental draft; Doug Farrar, Bucky Brooks and Matt Bowen react.

Oakland and San Fran are halting their annual preseason matchup in light of Saturday's violence.

The Chargers have lost LB Stephen Cooper for the year with a torn biceps.

The Commish will meet with Aqib Talib and Kenny Britt to scold them for their offseason crime sprees.

Just days after he sued the NFL, T Joe Thomas got a new deal from the Browns with more than $40M in reported guarantees.

Cincy dealt an undisclosed draft choice to the Niners in exchange for S Taylor Mays, who had been shopped via mass email.

The G-Men lost two CBs to injury last night - Terrell Thomas for the year, and Brian Witherspoon for an unknown length of time.

Ex-Bengals DE Antwan Odom was shot in the leg in an apparent home invasion by his own childhood friend.

Preseason thoughts and some notes from Mike Lombardi.

PFF's team previews: Packers, Colts and Texans, and impressions: Chargers/Cowboys, Bears/Giants, Vikings/Seahawks, Bengals/Jets. Plus, Andy Benoit previews the Bears' season.


PFR is asking readers to help them determine who the NFL's GOATs are via head-to-head votes. Check it out, but be careful - you could probably lose a few hours doing this...

Brian Burke explains why Chris Johnson isn't worth the cash he's seeking - RBs aren't worth nearly what QBs are, and Johnson is a "homerun hitter" rather than a guy who gets you 5 yards on every carry. (ie Terrell Davis)

Matt Bowen breaks down the smoke route and three more from last night's Bear/Giants game.

Luis DeLoureiro is predicting San Diego to be the SB Champs, with the Texans finally making the playoffs.

The CHFF guys evaluate the over/unders for the AFC East teams.

Here's a hilarious flow chart to help folks determine which NFL team they should be rooting for. (via FO)

Jed York may have just vaulted himself to #1 Jackass Among NFL Owners status - his reaction to the shootings at the Niners/Raiders game is, well...all about putting $$ in his own pocket.

Drew interprets PK's MMQB, while Burnsy runs the gamut from Jim Irsay to Handshake Haley to Tim Tebow.

Joe Namath, well...he's Joe Namath.

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