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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Andrew Mason thinks it's a virtual certainty that Rahim Moore will be fined by the NFL for his devastating hit Saturday night on Bills WR Donald Jones. Mason cites the movement of Jones' helmet upon impact, and says Moore "launched himself" into the hit as his reasoning. Honestly, I have watched this hit probably 25 times, and I still don't see a problem with Moore's action there. Not only was he completely upright, but he did not leave his feet, and he even turned his head away as he delivered the blow with his right shoulder. I'll agree with Mason in that Moore's helmet did contact that of Jones, but he did not lower or lead with it.

Who knows - maybe Steelers fans have these very same sentiments after watching James Harrison's hits, and I'm just being a homer. Either way, it appears Moore himself has a good perspective on the physicality of his position - he doesn't intend to hurt anyone, he hopes Jones is okay, and he will continue to play aggressively and physically. Sounds good...


Ben Stockwell reviews Saturday's game for PFF and makes note of Von Miller, the Orton/BLloyd combo, and Brodrick Bunkley.

Doug Farrar reacts to Moore's hit, plus the Broncos' QB depth chart.

Mike Freeman is hearing that teams asking about Tim Tebow are not being told by Denver that he's unavailable. What Freeman fails to note in wondering if Tebow could be cut is that he just got a big payout from Denver.

LJ on the aggressiveness of Dennis Allen and the defense, and more of the same from Legwold.

Notes from Klis and LJ: Evaluating the play of the starting O-line so far (including the hilarious assertion that it's "basically the same" as last year), David Bruton is thankfully out of the hospital, and the last WR spot(s) could come down to a battle between Britt Davis and Matthew Willis.

In response to a question about Ty Warren and cap room, Captain Journalism explains that the salary of a player on IR counts against the cap. Interesting that he doesn't point out that Denver has a ton of room still, and that whether Warren counts really is of no consequence at this point. Still waiting for that correction, unless I missed it...

Woody's thoughts on Saturday's game and the state of the Broncos' roster.

More postgame notes from Gray Caldwell.


The Chargers defeated the Cowboys last night 20-7.

Tim Kawakami considers the implications of Saturday night's violence at Candlestick and wonders if the Raiders and Niners should continue to match up annually in the preseason, and if so, whether they should continue to do so at night.

Oakland QB Jason Campbell may practice today after his head injury Saturday, while Chiefs WR Jon Baldwin apparently injured his thumb - not his wrist - while fighting his teammate Thomas Jones.

RBs Chris Johnson and Frank Gore are apparently still far apart from their respective teams in contract negotiations.

In the Sick Joke Department, Colts owner Jim Irsay tweeted that he was in Brett Favre's hometown yesterday.

The Bucs signed DT John No Cars Go McCargo. (Note - if Chris Berman would use great indie rock as inspiration for his dumb nicknames, he'd suck a lot less)

In today's MMQB, PK guesses that Terrelle Pryor will end up in Cincy, and he's not so sure the Chargers are the favorites to land in LA - he actually thinks it could be the Raiders who go back there. Plus, he checks in with Josh McDaniels and writes that Denver's biggest mistake was pairing him with a first-time GM in Brian Xanders, and allowing him to hire his brother as the QB coach, no matter how good a job Ben may have done - King says the locker room saw the move as pure nepotism.

PFW's latest AFC and NFC Whispers.

Reports/Previews/Game reviews: Jason Cole on the Falcons, Nathan Jahnke on the Lions, and PFF's impressions of Raiders/Niners, Saints/Texans, and Titans/Rams.

Here's what stood out to Bucky Brooks from Saturday and Sunday's games.

Doug Farrar says Donovan McNabb seems finally to be at ease in Minnesota, while Andrew Brandt breaks down Larry Fitzgerald's new contract.

Bill Rhoden wonders if De Smith will stand by and allow the Commish to levy the suspension of Terrelle Pryor without a fight.

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