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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Woody Paige says the QB competition is officially over, and that there is nothing either Tim Tebow or Brady Quinn can do to supplant Kyle Orton as the starter at this point. However, Woodrow believes that eventually Tebow will take over the starting job, albeit again late in the year - his guess is December 11 when the Bears and Jay Cutler come to town.

Meanwhile, Mike Klis says to expect Orton and the other first-teamers to play most if not all of the first half, and he and Andrew Mason both point out that John Fox has not announced which QB will follow Orton tonight. Now while there may be uncertainty surrounding the QB rotation tonight, you can count on this - TJ will be bringing a double-whammy of Baxter McLove during the day and his Gut Reactions once the game is over, and as always we'll have an open thread during the game and a Chewing the Fat tomorrow.


Regarding Tebow's progress, Legwold says that the young QB is still struggling with taking snaps from behind center, and that that's what he and John Elway were working on earlier in the week. According to Legwold, Tebow had problems with bobbling or flat out dropping snaps during camp. But didn't we hear Tim say for months that all he was doing was working on taking snaps from under center? Heck, who cares about footwork or throwing motions if we've got to worry about clean exchanges? Now, I know there's this tendency to not believe a negative word about Tebow, but really - if he were performing great in camp, wouldn't we be hearing such a thing from someone who's paid to analyze or report on football?

Legwold says to expect that Denver will keep 5 or 6 wideouts, and that tonight will be an important audition for the younger receivers and offensive/defensive linemen. Plus, he writes about the team's transition to a new defensive staff and scheme. Riveting stuff...

Video of John Fox speaking after the final practice of training camp, plus practice notes from Max Henson and an article from Gray Caldwell.

The witness who intercepted the letter that helped put Willie Clark away for the murder of Darrent Williams is trying to collect the $100K award that had been promised.


The league and NFLPA will meet with WADA next week as they try to reach an agreement on HGH testing before the regular season begins.

The Chiefs lost to the Ravens last night, while rookie WR Jonathan Baldwin apparently hurt his wrist in a locker room fight with RB Thomas Jones earlier in the week. Plus, Handshake Haley is butt hurt and thinks the Ravens ran up the score on them last night. Perhaps Haley should spend less time feeling slighted and more time keeping his players from fighting each other?

Sam Mellinger says the Chiefs now have a credibility problem, as the team has apparently made a big public deal of its commitment to drafting high-character guys under Scott Pioli - as I was just discussing with my good friends Josh McDaniels, Brian Xanders and Perrish Cox. Meanwhile, in a stroke of bad luck for the Broncos, Pioli tried to deal away Jamaal Charles a couple years ago, but GM of the Century Vinny Cerrato wouldn't give up a third-round pick for the future star and Denver killer.

The mayor of Whale's Vagina (that's San Diego, if you don't have your German-to-Spanish dictionary handy) visited Denver to see a model of how to utilize a new stadium to help revitalize a downtown area, as his city tries to keep the Chargers from heading to La La Land.

Only days after ending his holdout, Osi Umenyiora had knee surgery and is likely to miss the Giants' regular season opener. Meanwhile, the Meadowlands will now be called MetLife Stadium.

Arizona may have lost their 2nd-round pick for the year last night, as RB Ryan Williams ruptured a patella tendon.

Carolina continues to dole out loads of cash - this time giving C Ryan Kalil a reported $28M in guarantees.

Old friend Clinton Portis (one of this writer's all-time favorites) reportedly worked out for the Pats yesterday.

Chris Brown considers the potential impact of Tom Moore on the Jets' offense. Plus, what he's been reading of late. Best of all, he examines the crack toss sweep and double crack screen of old friend and legend Alex Gibbs, including video of Coach Gibbs explaining the former.

Greg Gabriel considers the Rams' prospects and explains why Aaron Maybin sucks, while Matt Bowen breaks down a TD pass from Tom Brady to Chad Johnson.

Jason Whitlock is disturbed by the Commish's suspension of Terrelle Pryor and De Smith's silence in the matter.

Season previews/Camp visits: Bucky Brooks on the Patriots, Jim Trotter on the Seahawks, PFF on the Cowboys. Plus, their first impressions of Chiefs/RavensCards/Packers, and Eagles/Steelers.

The best of the week's quotes according to FO.


KSK thinks adding Omar from The Wire to the booth would go a long way towards making Joe Buck and Troy Aikman suck less.

AA analyzes the reaction from ex-Canes to the Miami scandal.

I'm going to join Eli Manning and The Sanchize in declaring myself an elite quarterback. Why not, right?

Still more mailbag from Bill Simmons.

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