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Good Morning, Broncos fans! The players and owners met for 10 hours yesterday but apparently accomplished little, will remain in touch over the weekend and reconvene for more negotiations on Monday. Meanwhile, Jason La Canfora writes that the loophole left by the Eighth Circuit's ruling likely allows the NFLPA to pursue an expedited injunction to protect the rights of unsigned players, and that if an agreement isn't reached in short order they may do just that. Plus, if Judge Nelson were to grant such an injunction then the NFL would be unable to appeal the decision.

Puzzlingly, Mike Freeman thinks the Eighth Circuit's decision only helps the owners. However, he still thinks reason will prevail in the end. Finally, Andrew Brandt says the two sides are hoping to come up with an agreement that will result in perhaps a decade of labor peace.


Steve Wyche tries to figure out just what John Fox was saying when he addressed the QB situation with Woody the other day. Wyche writes that some Broncos say they like Kyle Orton but that he lacks some of the ability that Jay Cutler has, for what that's worth.

Chris Kuper tells Mike Klis that he and his fellow lineman are excited by the prospect of running the ball more under Fox.

Chris Hall previews the safety position for Broncos TV.


Don Banks foresees some itchy trigger fingers among GMs once free agency begins.

John Clayton lists the Raiders among the teams who will likely be right up against the salary cap.

Washington is desperate to get something back for Albert Haynesworth, as they're putting out word they don't plan to release him, while Shanny says he loves Donovan McNabb but won't say what he's going to do with the QB.

The G-Men are moving their training camp from Albany, NY to their team HQ in Jersey.

An Ohio appeals court has allowed a lawsuit by ex-center LeCharles Bentley to proceed against the Browns seeking damages for the staph infection he contracted while with the team.

The goodwill earned by DeSean Jackson was dampened the other day by the use of a bunch of gay slurs on Sirius, from which he won't back down.

Old friend Bert Berry and MJD both think the Cards should consider acquiring Vince Young over Kevin Kolb to be their new QB.

Jeffri Chadiha thinks the timing of Terrelle Pryor's going pro will hurt his chances of finding the right NFL home. Meanwhile, Pryor's situation makes Greg Gabriel wonder why there's a supplemental draft in the first place.

In anticipation of free agency, PFF revisits their lists of the best likely FAs at each position.

PFW's Mike Beacom examines the historical impact of the late John Mackey.


PK may be on vacation, but his NFL-related cluelessness is apparently still very much on the job...

Gotta wonder if Joe Flacco and his new wife really thought this wedding picture through before A) taking it B) posting it online.

PETA is unhappy with Darnell Dockett's purchase of an alligator to keep as a pet.

Wow - add Joe Buck to the list of people who'd rather hear Vin Scully call the World Series than himself.

It's been a year since The Decision; Upper Deck actually commemorated it with a trading card, while Steve Porter remixed the Worldwide Leader's coverage of the fiasco. Best of all, Esquire writer Scott Raab is publishing a book about LeBron titled The Whore of Akron.

The BBC had a car race on ice against a skeleton sled. Pretty cool stuff.

Some kid danced to Thriller on the Jumbotron at Safeco Field, and he's pretty amazing.

Fast Food Meatloaf from Epic Meal Time.

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