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Happy Friday, Broncos fans! During a lengthy sitdown with John Fox yesterday, Woodrow picked the new HC's brain on the Denver QB situation. And while Fox says he has an idea who the starter will be, Paige surprisingly admitted to having no clue whether it's Kyle Orton or Tim Tebow whom Fox has in mind. We all were told when Fox was first hired that he's rather coy with his public statements, and that while he loves to talk he prefers not to actualy say anything while doing so - perhaps this is our first, best dose of that. Fox provided fodder for the backers of Tebow: he'd rather a "gamer" and leader who can handle pressure than someone who excels in practice - and for Orton fans: it's crucial the starter has a firm grasp on the offensive system. Surely, we can all interpret that through whatever lenses we're already wearing...

Fox went on to tell Paige that adding a running back is the team's #1 priority come free agency (more than a DT?!?!) and claimed the Broncos would fashion the "most sophisticated" rushing attack in the league, whatever that means. As Ted had alluded to upon the HC's hiring, Fox says he will leave the game-day playcalling to the coordinators and that his involvement will be heavier during the week, especially on defense.


Shannon Sharpe's grandmother, who raised him from infancy, passed away on Wednesday at the age of 89 - one month before Shannon is to be inducted into the Pro Football HOF. Our thoughts go out to the Sharpe family.

Try not to get excited by the headline of Captain Platitude's article on free agency. Having read it, I suppose the meaning is that the Broncos are ready for there to be a flurry of activity; not necessarily that Denver will be creating said flurry.

Jonathan Comey revisits Brandon Lloyd's remarkable 2010 season and says he's unlikely to match those numbers again.

Chris Kuper will be participating in a youth football camp next week in Colorado Springs.

Floyd Little hopes the passing of his friend and fellow HOFer and Syracuse alum John Mackey (who was suffering from dementia) will help shine the light even more on the health of retired players.

Jim Saccomano has been following the Yankees around for their past twelve games in order to witness Derek Jeter's 3,000th hit.

Old friend Tyler Polumbus hosted a camp yesterday for developmentally disabled kids.

A Canadian kid named Terrell Davis has committed to play RB for Washington State.


Players and owners rejoined the talks yesterday and negotiated for over 12 hours; they're due to resume their meetings today at 9am.

The named plaintiffs in the Brady suit including Von Miller participated in a conference call last night which updated them on the progress of the labor talks.

Jason La Canfora writes that the two sides are far apart on rookie comp and haven't broached settlement of the Brady suit.

Judy Battista says the owners are still leery of Jeffrey Kessler, while NFLPA spokesman George Atallah says Kessler won't hold up a deal.

The New York AG has launched an antitrust investigation of the NFL lockout.

Mike Freeman is worried that Judge Boylan's vacation will have a negative effect on the talks.

Mike Silver speaks with Rich Eisen about the impact of the lockout on NFLN.


Thoughts on the passing of John Mackey from Andy BarallDoug Farrar, Sam Farmer, Mike Freeman, John Clayton and Richard Goldstein of the Times.

QB Kerry Collins has retired after 16 seasons, and Williamson figures that adds the Titans to the list of possible landing spots for Kyle Orton via trade. Plus, Bucky Brooks thinks this makes Tennessee likely to go after Matt Hasselbeck, and here are the reactions of Matt Bowen and MJD.

In typical BMarsh style, the WR finally spoke to the police about his April stabbing at the hands of his wife, after having been subpoenaed to do so. Surely he was his usual forthright self...

Colts WR Austin Collie isn't worried about all the concussions he's suffered. Youth...wasted on the young.

Roy Williams got his now-infamous engagement ring back.

Mo Clarett was activated by the Omaha Nighthawks of the UFL.

Acee says the Chargers have plenty of cap room, while McDonald examines the Raiders' priorities once the league year begins.

Leigh Steinberg thinks teams should be able to come up with a better method of grooming young QBs.

Khaled Elsayed grades the best 3-4 linemen over the past three seasons.

Eric Edholm figures there are several aging stars who will have the same trouble walking away from the game as Brett Favre has had.

Shockingly, the Broncos didn't rank well last year in terms of forcing three-and-outs on defense. Shocking.


With Leather astutely points out that Brett Favre comeback rumors are about as good of a reason to end the lockout ASAP as any other.

Here's a gem of a GIF from KSK of Maurice-Jones Drew.

The object of MJ's high school affection is none too pleased about all the press generated by the unearthed love letter.

KSK's latest Sex/Fantasy Football mailbag.

As if hearing him speak isn't enough, now you get to witness Chris Berman singing onstage with Huey Lewis.

The stadium boob grab epidemic hit Boston last night, and the NESN guys lost it.

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