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Good Morning, Broncos fans! A collection of lawyers on both sides met yesterday for almost 11 hours yesterday in New York, apparently continuing to work on the smaller details with the mindset of reducing the expected 10-14 day lag between an agreement and signed document. Sounds a bit like putting the cart before the horse right? Couldn't the players and owners be working on the more crucial facets of a potential agreement concurrently?

Either way, De Smith, the Commish, the players, owners and Judge Boylan are expected to rejoin the talks today, although Boylan is scheduled to go on vacation on Saturday. If an agreement isn't reached before then, it will be interesting to see if the two sides will be able to forge ahead without resorting to their prior games and without allowing NFLPA outside attorneys Jeffrey Kessler and Jim Quinn to sabotage the negotiations in holding out for a beneficial verdict in the antitrust suit. Then again, it's thought that both the Eighth Circuit and Judge Doty have completed their rulings and would issue them if the two sides were to stalemate again.


OC Mike McCoy is excited about the prospect of using new toys Julius Thomas and Virgil Green within his offense whenever they're ready, and he praised second-year linemen Zane Beadles and J.D. Walton.

Kyle Orton, who is hosting a football camp with Sage Rosenfels this weekend, says he's in great shape and that he doesn't expect any games will be missed.

As we've been speculating here for months, Jason La Canfora expects Brian Dawkins to have a reduced salary this season via a renegotiated deal.

Williamson doesn't figure the Broncos to be interested in Tiki Barber.

Legwold passionately thinks it's likely that John Elway will someday have at least partial ownership of the Broncos.

CB Chevis Jackson, who as we now know is really into sneakers, is hosting a youth charity sneaker event tomorrow night and appeared on an Atlanta newscast.

Just what we need to cheer us up - Florio goes over what he deems the Broncos' worst moments of the past 25 years.

Mark Herrmann, he of the John Elway trade, is being inducted into the College Football HOF.


Don Banks hears there will only be 12 men in the room for today's negotiations, and that only the HOF game is really in jeopardy should talks stretch beyond next week. Rather, the deadline he's hearing is July 22 to maintain a full schedule.

Mike Freeman is going with cautious optimism that a deal will be reached perhaps next week.

The complaint of the retired players filed on Monday won't be heard in court until August.


As expected, Anthony Galea, the Canadian sports doc who creepily looks about 20 years old despite actually being 51 (thanks to the very stuff he peddled), pleaded guilty to bringing HGH and other PEDs into the U.S. illegally. Naturally, his plea was part of a deal and now he's going to name names! This should (hopefully) get rather interesting.

WR Roy Williams apparently came up with the lamest engagement proposal of all time, as he mailed his then-girlfriend a $76K ring with a recorded message back in February. She obviously said no; but now the issue is that she hasn't returned the ring and Williams has filed a lawsuit to get it back.

UFL coach Jim Fassell has floated the idea to Tiki Barber of joining his team.

Jim Nantz is going to receive the Pete Rozelle Award from the HOF.

A.J. Smith doesn't agree with Norv Turner's reputation of being a loser.

Jack Bechta would like to see more NFL owners who have the passion for winning and creating a robust fan experience that Mavs owner Mark Cuban does.

Doug Farrar further examines cornerback stats and the touchdowns they're often incorrectly cited as giving up, using Raiders CB Stanford Routt as an example.

PFF's Mike Clay looks at QB touchdown rates, and those likely to rise or fall in 2011.

PFF interviews recent Dennis Allen charge Roman Harper, safety from the Saints.

Bucky Brooks wonders if Nnamdi Asomugha is worth the big bucks, while Matt Bowen considers whether he fits in Houston.

Game-worn jerseys are apparently a growing segment of the sports memorabilia market.


FB Lorenzo Neal was arrested for DUI over the weekend after his minor one-car accident. More importantly, check out the dude interviewed on the news report, and note the fact that he and his buddy are wearing matching shorts - they appear at the two-minute mark.

Funny or Die produced a trailer for "Field of Dreams 2" which mocks the lockout.

Thankfully, KSK got hold of the letter Roy Williams sent to his then-girlfriend.

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