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Good Morning, Broncos fans! The legal staffs of the two sides met yesterday for over seven hours in New York, will meet again today, and are expected to be joined by the players, owners, De Smith and Roger Goodell tomorrow. Meanwhile, Albert Breer goes on to write that if the talks were to stretch beyond July 15 and result in canceled preseason games, ownership is likely to worsen their offer and thus increase the likelihood of the labor dispute playing out in court.

Chris Mortensen is hearing a deal is "within reach" yet unlikely to be consummated this week. Finally, Mike Silver writes that a deal is much closer than the two sides are letting on, too close for them to allow the whole thing to regress into a legal battle. Silver believes that ultimately the two sides will both be able to claim victory in the end and come out looking like roses in the eye of the football-watching public, and that all will be forgiven for the lockout and its rhetoric. I'd have to agree with that last sentiment - what, are people going to stop watching football because training camp and OTAs were either shortened or omitted? Please...


The Broncos' workouts as organized by Brian Dawkins and run by trainer Loren Landow have been combined with Landow's other session, which includes veteran and rookie free agents. Last week they joined Ed McCaffrey's football camp at Valor Christian HS and worked out there again yesterday. According to Landow's evaluation, the offensive linemen in attendance have so far made great progress in their "athleticism and fitness".

Tim Tebow was among those in attendance yesterday.

Insurance Journal goes into great depth on the St. Paul Fire & Marine/Broncos case, which has drawn the ire of some California legislators and insurance experts who are now looking to close the loophole that allows workers employed outside of the state to pursue their claims in CA.

The passionate Legwold says the Broncos are likely to have little interest in taking Terrelle Pryor in the Supplemental Draft.

Sounds like we can forget the idea of signing Raiders RB Michael Bush, as it's now being reported that he'll be a restricted FA due to his season lost to injury.

Plus, PFT's offseason checklist for Oakland.


Mike Freeman writes that coaches have not been put on notice to return from their extended vacations, while he's fed up with all the posturing and just wants to see a deal get done.

Doug Farrar on just how big this week is in the negotiations, plus the potential impact of retired players on the talks.

Ross Tucker thinks the lockout is going to greatly harm the chances for undrafted free agents to catch on this year.

Meanwhile, Greg Gabriel thinks that among rookies, the running backs will be best able to contribute immediately.

George Bretherton shares some unintended consequences of the lockout.


In a documentary by retired RB Dorsey Levens, CB Ellis Hobbs says players on the Eagles were instructed by DC Sean McDermott to ignore the fines and suspensions threatened last year for dangerous hits.

Jason La Canfora confirms that the Texans are likely to pursue Nnamdi Asomugha come free agency.

Tiki Barber says his top choices are to land with the Steelers or Bucs, if it's up to him.

Mike Wilkening writes that how the Bengals handle the unhappiness of Carson Palmer will determine his legacy in Cincinnati.

Bucky Brooks thinks new OC Brian Daboll could turn around Dolphins QB Chad Henne's career.


In his latest Walkthrough, Mike Tanier covers the best QBs in Texans and Colts history.

Luis DeLoureiro considers the average costliness in terms of expected points of each QB's interceptions in 2010.

Khaled Elsayed's list of the 10 best 4-3 DTs.

As Kerry Byrne points out, the most successful seasons of the Packers organization are a case study in the importance of Passer Rating Differential.

Joe Fortenbaugh examines the most oft-used running backs and wideouts who were targeted most.


With Peter King on vacation, Drew decides to take on Bill Simmons instead.

Awful Announcing wonders if there will be a season of Hard Knocks this year.

Thomas Levet broke his shin while celebrating his victory at the French Open and is likely to miss the British as a result.

RIP Ruth Roberts, who penned "Meet the Mets".

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