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Good Morning, Broncos fans! While the players and owners prepare to resume their negotiations today in New York, more details on their talks from last week are emerging. The reports from Thursday and Friday that the owners had backtracked from the earlier agreed upon split that gave 48% of revenue to the players has been confirmed by John Clayton, who says the owners increased their offer to 46% before the latest talks adjourned.

Meanwhile, Judy Battista writes that the retired players whose suit was combined with that of the current players filed a class-action complaint yesterday against both the players and owners, accusing the two sides of conspiring to lessen the retirees' benefits for their own gains. The goal of the complaint, which was filed in Federal District Court in Minneapolis, is to allow the retired players to represent their own interests at the negotiating table rather than letting the NFLPA do so.


Clayton thinks a deal must be reached by this weekend in order to maintain a full preseason; plus, he responds to emails.

Meanwhile, Clifton Brown thinks July 15 is the date to keep the schedule intact.

Here's Herm Edwards' rookie symposium speech in full.

In honor of Independence Day, Andrew Brandt honors some of the most influential figures in the NFL history.

A week after live-tweeting his own traffic stop, Cards DT Darnell Dockett bought himself an alligator.

Matt Bowen analyzes a Sam Bradford-to-Mark Clayton play-action TD pass against the Raiders from last season.

Steve Wyremski of PFF offers an excellent interview with Jets LB Bart "CAN'T WAIT" Scott.

Pat Kirwan lists his top 25 tight ends in the NFL, while Andy Benoit lists his top 10 centers. compares the recent targets/completions data of Champ Bailey, Darelle Revis and Nnamdi Asomugha.

Army First Sergeant Mike McGuire stood in for Peter King in writing yesterday's MMQB.

RIP Billy Hardee, who played in two games for the Broncos in 1976 and passed away yesterday due to injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident.


Joey Chestnut won his fifth-straight Nathan's title yesterday by eating 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, the banned Kobayashi supposedly downed 69 dogs at his own event.

The poisoned Auburn trees my still have a chance at survival.

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