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Happy Fourth of July, Broncos fans! Mike Freeman has penned an open letter to De Smith asking the NFLPA leader to get lawyers Jeffrey Kessler and Jim Quinn away from the labor negotiations. Freeman hears that the two attorneys have been "picking stupid fights" which have "delayed the negotiating process." As Jason Cole wrote the other day, the thinking is that Kessler and Quinn are pursuing an agenda that holds out until a verdict is reached in the Brady antitrust suit, one the players would be expected to win in a big way.

Meanwhile, Florio points out that the players will also lose out financially if preseason games are lost.

AFC West

Chris Hall goes over the Broncos' CB position for Broncos TV.

A former Broncos cheerleader will be the sideline reporter for today's hot dog eating contest.

The Crypt Keeper turns 82 today.


Among their latest Whispers, PFW is hearing that the Chargers may need a new backup QB this year, the Raiders would like to re-sign tackle Khalif Barnes, and the Chiefs could be interested in signing WR Steve Breaston.

Pats draftee Marcus Cannon is due to finish his chemotherapy this week.

Colts DE Robert Mathis denied a report that he was planning on holding out.

The Cowboys plan to hold their training camp at the Alamodome.

PFW's Kevin Fishbain examines the recent history of the Wildcat formation in the NFL.

Dolphins QB Chad Henne spoke recently about his rocky relationship with Brandon Marshall.

Khaled Elsayed lists his top ten 4-3 defensive ends.

Matt Bowen explains how players will get into football shape over the next month.

One-liners via PFT.


In honor of the Fourth, With Leather offers up the best of fireworks failures.

Interleague play in MLB may be losing its appeal, but it does offer chances like this to see pitchers try to run the bases.

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