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Good Morning, Broncos fans! The Bradenton Herald caught up with Von Miller while he was at the NFLPA's rookie symposium last week, and the #2 pick spoke about his inclusion in the Brady suit and his lockout living arrangements. Miller admits it will be tough to top the season last year's second-overall choice Ndamukong Suh had, and he has a great perspective on the fact that he'll likely make a lot less money on his rookie contract than will Suh as a result of the expected new rookie wage scale. Miller told writer Alan Dell that he can't fear losing something he never had, and that

I am living with my parents, and they love me being there so everything is fine. To me, it’s never been about the money. I’ve played all my life for free, and if you take something here you’ve got to give something there. The great players will get their money in the long run.


Kiszla thinks Denver's sports teams are exhibiting a serious lack of confidence and ambition.

Denver AD of Pro Personnel Anthony Kelly's second football camp was held Thursday and Friday in Florida.


NFL spokesman Greg Aiello says the two sides are still negotiating over the weekend; plus, Farrar's reaction.

Meanwhile, Mike Freeman writes that those on the ownership side are beginning to fear that canceled games are now a real possibility, that retiree benefits are a crucial issue at this point, and that player lawyers Jeffrey Kessler and Jim Quinn are causing the most trouble. Plus, Freeman shares the retired players' point of view as expressed by former Niner George Visger.

Sam Farmer thinks a new deal will be done within a week or two, and he explains the process that will follow an agreement.


In his Sunday column, Dan Pompei explains how NFL teams evaluate the mental and emotional makeups of prospects and help them overcome learning disabilities and emotional problems.

More legal problems for ex-Rod Smith mentee Kenny Britt, who's being sued for his alleged role in a Nashville bar fight.

Cam Newton is being tutored by former Panthers QB Chris Weinke at the former's football academy.

Ryan Longwell would like to remain the Vikings' kicker.

Sounds like the Ravens will have a slew of important players declared free agents once the league year begins.

Andy Benoit's list of the top 10 offensive tackles includes Ryan Clady, whom he describes as "the most athletic blocker in football."

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