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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Adam Schefter is reporting that the players and owners have come to an agreement on all remaining issues, and the NFLPA is planning a major press conference tomorrow. The NFLPA's executive committee reportedly plans to vote on the deal tomorrow, with the 32 team reps to then vote on whether to recommend the deal to the players, who would report to camps on Wednesday and vote whether to recertify and ratify the CBA. Once the NFLPA has enough votes to recertify, teams would be able to renegotiate existing deals and negotiate with their own free agents starting on Wednesday, although no contracts would be signed until Saturday, July 30 at 2PM ET.

The owners have apparently relented on the Friday deadline to negotiate the issues that must be collectively bargained (and thus must wait until the union recertifies) such as player discipline, benefits and safety. According to Schefter, De Smith has promised the Commish that the NFLPA would work to settle those issues before the first scheduled preseason games, and apparently Smith has taken over much of the workload from Jeffrey Kessler as a show of good faith to the owners, who are mistrustful of Kessler.

Really, was that all so bad? Haha just kidding. Obviously, we're excited to be able to move on tomorrow from all this labor stuff and get back to writing about real, actual football. Thanks as always for your readership and support.


Krieger profiles Denver AD of pro personnel Champ Kelly, who will help the team recruit free agents this week. Kelly came from a broken family and has his own charitable foundation.

Retired center Larry Kaminski, who spent his entire eight-year career in Denver from 1966 to 1973, including a Pro Bowl selection in 1967, is one of the 75 ex-players suing the NFL for their handling of concussions. Kaminski, who suffers from severe depression which doctors say was caused by his football-related head injuries, has also promised to donate his brain to Boston University to aid in their research of CTE.

As Legwold details, Rod Smith has taken in a high school student with whom he's developed a close relationship over the past 7 or 8 years.

Related to his interview with the QB last week, Steve Wyche writes that the Broncos need to start Tim Tebow so they know for sure what they've got in him.

Captain Obvious reminds us the Broncos need to sign defensive tackles.


Doug FarrarJudy Battista, Gary Myers and Jason Cole on the labor deal.

Believe it or not, Ben Roethlisberger actually got married yesterday.

Jason Taylor has changed his mind again and is open to yet another return to the Dolphins.

Oh, brother. Here we go again. The Eagles are apparently interested in bringing Brett Favre in to back up Michael Vick.

HBO has canceled Hard Knocks for 2011.

In his Sunday column, Dan Pompei piles onto that ridiculous argument that Nnamdi Asomugha isn't that impactful of a player because teams don't throw at him, as if wiping out a team's best receiver has little value. Pompei also writes that the Broncos aren't giving up on Knowshon Moreno, despite Woody's claims; Pompei speculates that John Fox's manner with players could help Moreno get past the reported immaturity that may have hampered his career thus far. Plus, he doesn't picture Randy Moss finding a lot of interest, and he expects the Ravens to lock up Haloti Ngata long term.

Battista shares memories of the late Myra Kraft, wife of Pats owner Robert Kraft.

Doug Farrar shares a podcast he recorded with the excellent Greg Cosell.


In the latest reminder of how much Yanks announcer John Sterling sucks, he sang "The Grandy Man Can" the other day on the air.

Some guy got a tattoo of Jim Rome on his calf. Think he'll regret that one day?

Who on earth would expect Brent Musberger to show up on time to an appointment in Vegas?

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