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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Beacon of hope Chris Mortensen says there's still a possibility of a vote by the NFLPA sometime this weekend, while it's expected that discussions between the lawyers for the two sides will continue. The players are apparently seeking an opt-out clause (with penalties) for both sides after seven years, although it's described as not being a deal-breaker. Obviously with an agreement still unreached, the calendar set out on Thursday by the Commish which provided for teams to negotiate with their own free agents and draftees starting today (and undrafted players tomorrow) has been delayed.

According to Adam Schefter, Chargers WR Vincent Jackson - the final holdout among the named plaintiffs - has dropped his demands for compensation. Meanwhile, team execs (GMs and capologists) still met yesterday for a briefing on the expected new cap rules. Steve Wyche says the NFLPA expects Cam Newton's contract to be worth about $22 million over four years, so we can figure Von Miller's deal to be for around $20 million over the same four years.


Judy Battista writes that in Thursday night's NFLPA conference call, De Smith's message was for the players to not overreact to the notion they were being pressured by the owners, and that by Friday morning Smith had managed to turn down the player-generated rhetoric.

Packers president Mark Murphy says the league's revenue sharing plan is among the "cornerstones of the league" which enables teams like Green Bay to compete.

Naturally, the Bengals sent out an email on Thursday night to season ticket holders that the lockout was over.

As Florio points out, teams will face hefty fines if when they fail to observe the new offseason activity limits.

Jason Whitlock says the lockout has been one big bluff on the owners' part, and that the players should be in no rush to come to an agreement at this point.

Farrar reminds us that the players' review of the CBA proposal must take some time if their side is to perform their due diligence, and that a hasty agreement last time is partly to blame for the current situation. Plus, there's simply a lot left to be done, and once they get there, we should have labor peace for a whole 10 years - so as much as everyone's getting worked up, it'll be worth the wait in the end.

Clark Judge agrees that the players need to take their time and says it was the owners who gave in to Gene Upshaw and the NFLPA's rush tactics in 2006.

Freeman thinks the players should wait until 12:01 Wednesday morning to ratify the deal (since the owners set Tuesday as a deadline).

Don Banks, who's been one of the most sanctimonious, whiny and indignant among football writers of late, incredibly tells the rest of us to "get over the emotion of Thursday's drama." HA.


More on the Cox case from the DP, including a terse statement from Demaryius Thomas and a claim of no involvement from Cassius Vaughn.

LJ checked in on the newly-trim Knowshon Moreno, who says he understands the criticism that's been sent his way, and he welcomes the competition that's sure to come in the form of a free agent RB. Moreno has dropped to 200 lbs and according to his trainer has increased the strength of his hamstrings, back and glutes.

Legwold says that of course, the Broncos won't exactly benefit from the lockout, although at least the retention of Mike McCoy and several offensive coaches from last year will help. Plus, he focuses on the reduced contact in practice as dictated by the new CBA.

Rookie TE Virgil Green signed a bunch of cards for Upper Deck.

Big Play Shay isn't fazed by the cancellation of the HOF game.

PFW sees Rams TE/FB Daniel Fells as a possible fit in Denver since Josh McDaniels won't be needing him in St. Loo.


Using the franchise tag on Kam WImbley may cost the Raiders upwards of $11 million in 2011.

Bucky Brooks sees the Broncos as facing one of the toughest situations with their uncertainty at QB and on defense.

In his latest Walkthrough, Mike Tanier educates Jerry Jones on mosquitoes' lack of penises while going over some of the other great lockout-related memes. Plus, the best QBs in Chargers and Raiders history.

Greg Gabriel looks back at the recruiting ratings entering college for this year's top picks; Von Miller, Rahim Moore and Orlando Franklin were all four-star recruits.

Brooks sees quite a few free agents teams would be best served to avoid.

Khaled Elsayed thinks Browns DE Matt Roth has tremendous value, and that he's most likely to land in KC.

Jonathan Comey lists his favorite free agent fit for each NFC team.


KSK likens Thursday to Mission Accomplished.

Who do you think looks worse? The guy Cedric Benson allegedly beat up? Or these Iowa softball parents who duked it out?

Doug Glanville threw what must be the worst ever ceremonial first pitch from an ex-MLBer under the age of 80.

With Leather chronicles the recent spate of fans stealing stuff from each other in the stands.

The Memphis Redbirds are wearing some awesome jerseys on Organ Donor Night. Good on them.

Owling has apparently replaced planking, as demonstrated here by Hilary Duff.

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