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Good Morning, Broncos! Legal teams for the two sides worked yesterday on a settlement document which is expected to be presented before the NFLPA's executive committee and the 32 teams' player reps sometime today. The player reps would then hopefully recommend the settlement to the named plaintiffs in the Brady suit, followed by recertification of the players' union.

The next step would be ratification of the deal tomorrow by the owners, who are meeting in Atlanta. Shortly afterwards, the owners and team executives would be briefed on the details of the agreement including the 2011 NFL calendar, the rookie wage scale and transaction guidelines, in a seminar expected to last into Friday. Meanwhile, the retired players have said they will not stand in the way of a deal, and the agent for Peyton Manning and Drew Brees vehemently disputed reports that the two QBs are making special demands as part of a settlement of the Brady suit.


There are conflicting reports about whether the named plaintiffs are each making unique demands, but obviously these individual players are not about to hold up agreement on a new CBA. Vikings punter Chris Kluwe may or may not believe the reports of special demands, but he's calling the plaintiffs names anyway.

The Packers are denying reports that they've contacted their players to tell them when to show up.

A group of 75 ex-players has sued the NFL for allegedly having withheld concussion-related knowledge.

As Judy Battista points out, both sides made significant gains in these labor negotiations.

Mike Freeman says players are worried about a potential rise in muscle-related injuries this summer due to the lockout.

Doug Farrar hopes the Commish will start treating players like men once the lockout is over, so they can stop hating his guts.


Despite Woody's proclamations that Richard Quinn is a bust, Mike Klis writes that the Broncos' FO believes Quinn is ready to be the team's top blocking TE. Meanwhile, Dan Gronkowski says Quinn just needs time and confidence.

Klis wonders if there are enough teams seeking veteran QBs for the Broncos to get proper compensation for Kyle Orton. But really - is it worth paying a guy $8.8 million to be the backup QB for one year just because you couldn't quite get the draft choice you wanted for him? Sounds like a spiteful and self-defeating strategy to me...

Brandon Lloyd is resigned to the idea of Kyle Orton moving on, and he thinks Kyle gives the Broncos the best chance to win right now.

Captain Platitude shatters the earth by stating the Broncos plan to sign a veteran DT and hope to bring back Justin Bannan (oops).

18 Broncos showed up yesterday to work out together, and some of the offensive players ran some plays out of Mike McCoy's playbook.

Here's the Tim Tebow My Wish segment that debuted last night on ESPN, plus an article about Adam Hubbs, the teenager whose life he touched.

Bill Barnwell thinks the Broncos would be dummies if they in fact decide to spend big bucks on DeAngelo Williams, or any other veteran running back. I'll have to agree with that, of course.

Sacco shares his recollections of the unique manner in which K Rich Karlis first became a Bronco.


The Niners and Raiders are discussing the possibility of building a new football stadium together.

Michael Vick appeared before Congress in support of legislation meant to keep minors away from animal fights. MJD reacts.

Jim Harbaugh and the Ravens are still pissed about the draft day trade with the Bears that fell through.

Here's an excellent article on the effects of CTE on the late Dave Duerson, and a video of a neuropathologist examining Duerson's brain post-mortem. (Thanks, Matt)

Greg Couch suggests that (of course) teams are probably already contacting players to get a leg up on each other as far as free agency goes. Meanwhile, MJD is excited for the frenzy of free agency.

Bucky Brooks believes Kevin Kolb could help the Cardinals, but not necessarily in an immediate fashion.

PFF examines the free-agency questions facing the NFC East and NFC North teams, while Khaled Elsayed grades the top 4-3 outside linebackers.


Here are Greg Gabriel's top five senior players at each position.

Watch out for flying pigs on your way to work today - Charles Barkley apparently is swinging a golf club sans hitch.

The CBS bloggers have cast a movie based upon the lockout, including Anthony Anderson as De Smith and Jimmy Johnson as Jerry Richardson. (Thanks, Elizabeth)

CB Sam Shields got a tattoo of the Packers' SB ring ON HIS NECK.

Britney Spears put Titans WR Kenny Britt in a familiar position onstage at one of her concerts the other night - in handcuffs.

Yes, she's megarich right now. But if Elin Nordegren didn't have bad luck with men she'd have no luck at all: it turns out the guy she's dating used to date Rachel Uchitel - you know, the woman who blew up her marriage to Tiger.

Jay Bilas is apparently well-versed in Young Jeezy lyrics. Who knew?

Awful Announcing says the days of ESPN's Ombudsman actually expressing an independent view are over.

This is pretty wild: kick volleyball.

Hmm. Talking about an athlete's bulging diSk. What could possibly go wrong there?

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