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Good Morning, Broncos fans! The yo-yoing of the labor talks has continued, as Thursday's grim midday news were followed by many hours of negotiations and a reported mending of the revenue split issues. The talks continued for a couple of hours yesterday before breaking for the weekend, and are expected to start anew on Tuesday. Adam Schefter says the main issues being dealt with at this point are still the revenue split and the financial source of the so-called "legacy fund" to benefit retired players.

Mike Freeman is hearing that player attorneys Jeffrey Kessler and Jim Quinn are the biggest impediments to a deal at this point, and he writes that the Eighth Circuit and Judge Doty are holding off their own rulings and hoping that Judge Boylan's mediation will be enough to see the two sides through to an agreement. Finally, Jason Cole writes that Kessler and Quinn are happy to wait out the courts because come September, the players are likely to win big with their antitrust suit, as the owner's lawyer before the Eighth Circuit did little to convince the judges that a lockout could be extended beyond six months.


PFT's Gregg Rosenthal offers up a checklist for Denver's offseason priorities.

Patrick Saunders gets the sense from Pat Bowlen that the Broncos don't plan to retire any more numbers in the near future.

FOX Sports has a poll up for the greatest Bronco of all time. Gee...

Chris Hall & Broncos TV examine the Broncos' running back corps.

Momentary Bronco Keary Colbert wants to make an NFL comeback after a year spent helping coach USC's tight ends.


Four years after having dumped him, Nike has re-signed Michael Vick.

Controverisal sports doc Anthony Galea is expected to plead guilty next week as part of a deal with the feds.

Jason Whitlock is frightened by what the multiple lockouts mean for the sports world: more stories about Chad Johnson's antics.

After having watched the Gruden/Pryor special, Jerry McDonald still likes the idea of Oakland drafting the OSU QB.

PFW figures re-signing Tamba Hali would go a long way towards the Chiefs reaching the expected new salary floor.

The Sporting News is speculating that Tennessee could take a shot at signing Matt Hasselbeck.

Vinnie Iyer would like to see the NFL start having an awards night and scrap the Pro Bowl.

Greg Gabriel continues his series on second-year players and still isn't buying the notion that Tim Tebow will be a successful NFL QB.

CHFF turns its focus to YAC and finds that although DeSean Jackson dominates the category, Eddie Royal has been one of the best thanks to Josh McDaniels.

PFF's Sam Monson writes that Ravens C Matt Birk should have been a Pro Bowler last year.


Hmm. I'm planning on going to this year's Broncos game at Green Bay wearing my Terrell Davis SB 32 jersey, but a new Wisconsin law mean that may not be a safe move.

Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders at the U.S. Women's Open Bowling Championship? You know where this is going...

Upon closer examination, that Daryl Gardener story is REALLY weird.

Here's a real shocker: the mature-and-self-assured-as-ever LeBron James knocked some kid over at a basketball camp.

MJ's love letter transcribed. Good stuff.

Brian Wilson had a tantrum after blowing a save, but then he tidied up.

The legendary Keith Hernandez had some choice words last night for A-Rod and his typical bush league play.

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