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Good Morning, Broncos fans! As Albert Breer reports, lawyers for the two sides met for over eight hours yesterday in NY, while the NFLPA's executive committee is in DC preparing for a meeting tomorrow with the 32 team reps which could result in a recommendation to settle the Brady suit. The owners are hoping to ratify a new deal on Thursday, after which team executives would be briefed on terms of the agreement as it pertains to them. Breer says that although the issue of benefits lost during the uncapped 2010 season is still an unsettled issue, the two sides came to an agreement on retired player benefits.

Meanwhile, Jason La Canfora is hearing the two sides could have a difficult negotiation ahead of them regarding the TV lockout insurance, and that some of the named plaintiffs in the Brady suit are seeking a form of damages - Chargers WR Vincent Jackson and Pats G Logan Mankins want assurance they won't be franchised by their clubs, while DE Osi Umenyiora wants either a new contract from the Giants or to be traded.


The ESPN reporters are suggesting that negotiations over the Brady and TV money cases could halt the entire process. Plus, Doug Farrar's thoughts on the lost benefits and TV lockout money.

Mike Silver also thinks there's plenty left to do, with whether the NFLPA chooses to recertify as a union counting as a big issue.

More on the named plaintiffs and their interests from Jason Cole.

The players' side would like to keep their response to the complaint of retired players under wraps. Meanwhile, Mike Freeman says that De Smith came through in a big way for retirees by getting the owners to throw in hundreds of millions more in benefits for them. Plus, Freeman hears that the players are actually not likely to vote on a new deal before Friday, with a vote by the owners not taking place until next week.

John Clayton says teams will be able to go over the salary cap by as much as $3 million this season.

Andrew Brandt believes the owners won in terms of the 52/48 revenue split, while the players won with the requirement that teams spend almost the entire amount allotted under the salary cap - plus, he points out that teams don't have to arrive at the salary minimum until the end of the season.

Clark Judge thinks the Eighth Circuit deserves all the credit for spurring the two sides towards resolution.


Britton Colquitt tells Mike Klis he expects the Broncos' players to be a tighter bunch thanks to spending so much time together during the lockout.

Captain Platitude thinks the Broncos will actually be right up against the $120 million salary cap, although I believe a few veterans will have their salaries renegotiated lower. Plus, it depends upon how signing bonuses from earlier deals are accounted for - in other words, will Demaryius Thomas' rookie signing bonus count against the 2011 cap in any way, or will only his salary figure in?

PFW shares a pointed quote from an NFL evaluator who questions Tim Tebow's decision to fairly make use of his celebrity to enrich himself take endorsements before he has NFL success, and that he will show flashes as a QB but ultimately not cut it. The cited coach/scout/exec thinks teams should go after Kyle Orton, who he thinks "can manage games."

Here's a transcript and podcast from an ESPN Radio Chicago interview Tebow did yesterday.

The PFF guys think Denver should try to re-sign Ryan Harris, as unlikely as that is. Plus, they add to the drumbeat suggesting the Broncos sign DeAngelo Williams and Brandon Mebane. Meanwhile, Panthers beat reporter Darin Gantt thinks Carolina is willing to spend the money to keep Williams around.

Here's a story from the official site on AD of pro personnel Champ Kelly's youth football camp.


The Panthers have apparently told players to show up on Friday for a minicamp, while the Packers have told theirs to arrive on Saturday.

While the NFL inches towards a new league year, the UFL is having financial problems and is expected to delay its season by a month.

The agent for old friend Casey Wiegmann says the veteran center doesn't plan to retire just yet.

Steelers RB Rashard Mendenhall is suing Champion for dropping him as an endorser after his controversial Twitter comments.

HBO is holding out hope they can get in another season of Hard Knocks this year.

RB Ahmad Bradshaw says he'd like to remain a Giant but would consider heading to Miami.

Terrelle Pryor is being tutored by ex-Bengals QB Ken Anderson.

MJD thinks booth review overkill is going to drive us all nuts this season.

Matt Bowen explains how to blitz a Jon Gruden-coached offense and how to beat a zone blitz on offense.

Al Michaels sits in for PK on MMQB, while KSK translates.


PFF's breakdown of what the AFC South teams must do in free agency.

Vinnie Iyer lists some veteran stars who could be on the move, including a prediction of Carson Palmer to Seattle, and he ranks John Elway 26th-best among NFL decision-makers.

CHFF disputes James Harrison's suggestion that Big Ben is no Peyton Manning.

10 questions facing the Falcons, according to PFW.


Round 2 of Awful Announcing's Joe Morgan Memorial has concluded, and the titans of horrible sports TV are still standing.

A Minor League Baseball play-by-play guy quit on air.

Joe Sakic nailed a lucrative ace the other day in Tahoe.

Some kid appears to have done the Truffle Shuffle after one of the US goals from Sunday's Women's World Cup final. You know, this one.

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