The Daily Lard 7-16-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Albert Breer writes that an agreement on a new CBA is expected to be reached early next week, while lawyers for the two sides will continue meeting over the weekend. The most significant progress of yesterday's talks was that the owners altogether dropped their demand to have rights of first refusal on a number of their own free agents, and the two sides apparently agreed upon offseason programs and player safety issues. Plus, it is expected that players will receive their full offseason workout bonuses as was previously contracted.

Remaining items include retiree benefits, drug testing, and settling the Brady suit and TV rights case, although these are not seen as potential stumbling blocks. According to Breer, the players have ceded the right to renegotiate contracts until after their third season in the league - Andrew Brandt writes that undrafted players had been able to renegotiate following their second season. Also, the fifth-year options for first-rounders mentioned yesterday will be based upon salaries during the third year of a contract; in other words, Denver's 2015 option on Von Miller will require the Broncos to guarantee him the average salary of the NFL's top 10 linebackers as paid during the 2013 season.

According to ESPN, teams will on average be required to spend $118.8 million (99 percent) of the $120 million salary cap, while having a number of teams at 100% of the cap would allow other teams to spend as little as 89% of the $120 million figure during the first two years of the CBA. However, this means that collectively the 32 teams have only $38.4 million (32 x $1.2M) in wiggle room, or relief from the salary floor to help the lower-revenue teams like Buffalo, Jacksonville and Cincinnati.


A DP op-ed makes the case to unseal the arrest affadavit of Perrish Cox.

Tim Tebow spoke to Ed Werder about competing for the starting job, what he's learned from John Elway so far, and hearing Elway try to sing Rascal Flatts at his own birthday party.

Elway said he and Tebow can chat at the tourney, just not about the NFL.

Plus, he spoke with Vic Lombardi about his golf game and said he's spent most of his time working out rather than making public appearances.

Tebow is paired at the Tahoe celebrity golf tourney with Herm Edwards and Jimmer Fredette.

Joe Mays, Cassius Vaughn and Lance Ball will be appearing at a pair of Dick's Sporting Goods stores in the Denver area today.


Retired players continue to ask, "Hey what about us?" - including ex-Packer Jerry Kramer and his harsh words for Drew Brees.

As Doug Farrar points out, Pat Bowlen was the only owner from the labor committee to not be present at yesterday's talks. From the reports I've read, I'm not sure he had been at any of the week's meetings.

Mike Freeman writes that offseasons will include much less violent contact in practices but that he expects regular season play to remain the same.

Don Banks already has a bunch of conclusions about what the lockout has taught us.

Clark Judge thinks free agency will be frenzied.


In typical BMarsh fashion, our old friend is now publicly claiming three months after the fact that his wife did not stab him.

The Lions are reportedly expected to go after a pair of AFC South linebackers in free agency.

Ex-Eagles RB Reno Mahe has been charged with stealing $15K worth of gas for his car over a four-year period.

MJD wonders if Reggie Bush could end up with the Dolphins.

Greg Gabriel sees a few mid/late-rounders from the 2011 Draft who could make an impact, including Ted Bartlett All-Star Ahmad Black and Christian Ballard, whom the Broncos' war room seemed quite upset about having missed out on on draft day.

Khaled Elsayed grades out the top 10 offensive guards in the NFL.


The Jaguars' mascot has gotten into the planking craze.

The Dugout's coverage of the Clemens mistrial.

KSK's latest Sex/Fantasy Football mailbag.

Aces from Dustin Johnson and Tom Watson.

For those of you who don't follow golf, Miguel Ángel Jiménez is known as "The Most Interesting Man in the World" and his stretching routine while warming up yesterday for the second round of the British Open is precisely why. It's comedy gold, and a must watch.

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