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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Punter Britton Colquitt and his brother Dustin who punts for the Chiefs, were both on with Vic & Gary on Tuesday, and Dustin had some interesting insight into Handshake Haley's finger wag last season at the Big IF. According to Dustin, Haley believed McDaniels and the Broncos had cheated their way to their emphatic 49-29 Week 10 victory; it would be McDaniels' final win as Denver's head coach. The elder Colquitt told Vic & Gary,

Todd was just kind of saying, ‘Look, with the game plan we had and what you guys already knew we were gonna do, this is,’ basically saying it was ‘bush, bush, league.’

Hmm. Haley may have apologized for the handshake snub, but obviously these new details should make for some nice media drama fodder should the two meet again. Here is the podcast from the Colquitt brothers' radio appearance; the McDaniels/Haley talk begins around the 7m09s mark.


Pat Kirwan thinks the Broncos need to find out what they've got with Tim Tebow, and that trading Kyle Orton should bring back a "solid player or good draft pick". He figures the Browns will cut Jake Delhomme and the John Fox favorite could mentor Tebow from Denver's sideline. Kirwan puzzingly joins the "Ayers is a bust" chorus and suggests the Broncos sign DeAngelo Williams and his teammate DE Charles Johnson, along with adding both Barry Cofield of the Giants and Brandon Mebane of Seattle to their DT group.

In his latest mailbag, Woody Paige again writes that McDaniels & Co. were unpleasantly surprised by what they ended up with when they drafted Knowshon Moreno. Meanwhile, Woodrow is also hanging by tooth and nail onto the uninformed notion that Robert Ayers and Richard Quinn are busts, somehow thinking that Ayers could end up sharing time at DE and that Quinn will only see "spot duty." Paige also claims that McDaniels "never liked" Kyle Orton as his starting QB, that Orton would be a "negative force" if he were to remain in Denver as a backup, and that the Broncos are only going to pass the ball ZOMG 45% of the time under John Fox.

Captain Platitude says Tebow will have to earn the starting QB job.

Tebow spent a day with a teen suffering from an immunodeficiency disorder last month as part of ESPN's My Wish series; the episode will air next Tuesday night.

Brandon Lloyd made a national TV appearance yesterday, although CBS4 is apparently too provincial to tell us what show he was on.

Dave Logan answers several questions from DP readers about his own playing and coaching careers.


Players and owners rejoined what became 11 hours of talks yesterday, although reports are that little progress was made. Apparently the two sides met until around 8pm, while the owners continued to meet on their own until 10pm. The two sides apparently almost reconvened via conference call later in the night, but will instead resume talks this morning in New York.

Meanwhile, the two sides each made meaningless public statements saying it's time to get a deal done.

According to Mike Silver, Drew Brees' claim that the two sides are close to an agreement was a negotiating ploy that caught the owners' attention.

Don Banks says the two key dates looming are next Tuesday's meeting with Judge Boylan and Thursday's league meetings.

John Clayton doesn't think the rookie wage scale debate will really hold up talks.

Mike Freeman writes that whenever the lockout ends, players and owners should go on a nationwide apology tour.


Steelers LB James Harrison was interviewed by Men's Journal and had some sharp words for his own teammates Big Ben and Rashard Mendenhall, and said he wouldn't piss on Roger Goodell if the Commish were on fire. Later on, Harrison claimed that his words were "twisted" by his interviewer. PFW's Eric Edholm thinks the team should suspend their former SB MVP for two games, while Mike Freeman says Harrison needs a better filter. Matt Bowen would like to ask Harrison if it was all worthwhile.

Jack Bechta sees a conundrum for the NFL in getting the NCAA to be more careful in their handling of head injuries.

Adam Teicher writes for the Sporting News that the Chiefs are likely to regress due to facing a first-place schedule, even if they play better than they did last year.

Bowen thinks this is actually a year where Daniel Snyder would be justified to spend big in free agency.

Bucky Brooks sees room for improvement from Michael Vick in his ability to adjust to defenses, while Bowen wonders if the Bears should pursue Santana Moss.


The Broncos rank 15th in Forbes' annual list of the most valuable sports franchises in the world.

Kirwan's thoughts on the team needs of the NFC West squads.

Khaled Elsayed grades out the league's best receiving and blocking TEs over the past three seasons.

Clark Judge sees four teams as competing in the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes.

Some of the best and worst D-Lines from last year according to CHFF's Hog Report.


Ex-Texas Tech coach Mike Leach wrote a book, and it makes Senate-hopeful Craig James look like a total clown who misused his position as an ESPN analyst. Hmm, I guess that makes him a perfect political candidate...

KSK lets us in on some of the conversations among NFL owners during a secret meeting.

Round 1 of Awful Announcing's Joe Morgan Memorial tournament is over.

More deep thoughts from James Harrison, via KSK.

Giants closer Brian Wilson sported quite the outfit to last night's ESPYs.

Why did BYU decide to go independent? So they could better spread their Word, of course...

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