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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter are reporting that an agreement on a new CBA is expected to be reached within the next 7 to 10 days and be ratified at the July 21 league meetings. If that is the case, teams would be provided a three-day window during which they can negotiate exclusively with their own free agents and sign undrafted rookies. Unrestricted veteran free agency would likely begin on July 28 and the preseason would be preserved in full, save possibly the HOF game scheduled for August 7.

Only a few days after free agency begins, teams would be required to set their rosters at 90 players and RFAs would have until August 3 to sign offer sheets, with clubs having four days to match those offers. According to the report, the revenue split is back to the players getting 48 percent and a minimum of 46.5 percent as had been previously agreed to weeks ago.


Matt Bowen views the Broncos' QB depth chart as a mere formality for what he thinks will be a straight-up competition for the starting job.

More on the passing of Pete Duranko from USA Today and Notre Dame.


Lawyers for the two sides are scheduled to resume meeting today, with players and owners joining either tomorrow or Wednesday. Apparently, the rookie wage scale became a hotly disputed topic in recent days, with owners looking to drastically cut contracts for the top eight picks in each draft and allow teams to hang onto players in their fifth seasons with salaries restricted relative to their draft year. Meanwhile, the players would like for that fifth-year option to become guaranteed money if teams choose to exercise them. Frankly, both of those options seem kind of wacky so figure they'll meet in the middle somewhere - not tying the salary restrictions to the draft year but rather the current year, and perhaps guaranteeing half of the salary.

Mike Freeman points to the retirement benefits Mike Vrabel will receive in explaining the beef that older retired players legitimately have.

David Turner, who played RB for the Bengals from 1978 to 1980, was shot and killed by a police officier in California on Sunday.

Among their lastest Whispers, PFW is hearing the Broncos will target a RB and defensive linemen (duh) come free agency, while the Raiders may be interested in adding WR Plaxico Burress. They're also hearing that the Chargers are willing to spend big money to retain free-agent LB Kevin Burnett and may do so at the expense of fellow free agents Stephen Cooper and Brandon Siler. Plus, Thomas Jones has been a key leader for the Chiefs, and Shanny really is expected to head into camp with John Beck as his #1 QB.

Freeman writes that DeSean Jackson is a hard worker and a good kid who's still discovering who he is.

Pat Kirwan goes over what each of the AFC East and NFC East teams must accomplish once the league year begins.

Khaled Elsayed lists his top 51 veteran free agents and also the players he expects to be free agent bargains.


In his latest mugshot, Pacman Jones is wearing a neck brace.

Unfortunately I missed this great moment in American sports history, but it was worthwhile - I was hanging out with none other than Ted Bartlett.

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