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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Former Broncos defensive lineman Pete Duranko passed away on Friday following an 11-year battle with ALS, the disease which would inspire him to become a national spokesman and fundraiser in search of a cure and to raise awareness. Duranko was drafted by the Cleveland Browns out of Notre Dame in 1966 but spent his entire NFL career from 1967 to 1974 with the Broncos, playing in 98 games and starting 76 of them. Regarding his own battle with ALS and his wife's fear of the day when Pete would be unable to care for himself, he told Patrick Saunders in 2003,

“She says, ‘I don’t know if I can handle it.' And I told her, ‘You never know what you can handle.”‘

Duranko was 67 years old and passed in his hometown of Johnstown, PA. Our thoughts go out to the Duranko family.


Some stories on Duranko's passing from WJAC TV, the Johnstown newspaper, another version from that same paper, and from a South Bend TV station.

Duranko donated his brain to Boston Medical, which is researching whether ALS is linked to concussions.

Chris Hall wrote a brief entry for the Broncos' website on Duranko's passing.

Legwold writes that the Broncos have converted their draft day war room into a free agency one, including a big board and seven phone lines with which to call potential signees.

Broncos LB Lee Robinson coached at a youth football camp in Mississippi yesterday and spoke to the local TV station about the lockout.

Rahim Moore was part of a bowling fundraiser in Florida last weekend to help fight childhood cancer.


Lawyers for the players and owners are meeting over the weekend, and Judge Boylan has scheduled another meeting with the two sides for July 19 when he's back from vacation. Of course, he ordered that the negotiations continue in his absence this week, and they will. Meanwhile, Sam Farmer writes that the labor talks have proceeded along the lines of the five stages of grief.

Chiefs LB and named plaintiff in the Brady antitrust suit Mike Vrabel is reportedly retiring to take a position with the Ohio State coaching staff.

Alan Schwarz writes about the mental deterioration of recently-passed HOFer John Mackey. Plus, a saddening video of Mackey with his remarkable wife Sylvia from 2007. If this doesn't open your eyes...

Hines Ward was arrested for DUI in Georgia yesterday morning, while Pacman Jones was arrested yet again - this time at a Cincy bar for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

DeSean Jackson has apologized for his recent offensive comments.

Peyton Hillis planned to pull a fire truck carrying some attendees from his football camp across a football field yesterday; no word on whether he was able to.

In his Sunday column, Dan Pompei focuses on the value of assistant head coaches in the NFL and shares his list of the league's ten best players.

PFF's Sam Monson reminds us of the greatness of Vikings CB Antoine Winfield, whom he says may have been the league's most complete corner in 2010.


Derek Jeter hit his 3000th homer yesterday, apparently.

Oh, and as self-promoting radio clown John Sterling tells it, Jeter got his 5,000th hit.

If anyone is wondering why people don't watch boxing anymore, here is proof positive.

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