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Happy Friday, Broncos fans! Jarrett Bell of USAT writes about the Broncos and the five biggest questions he deems they're facing this season, starting with whether John Elway will succeed as a front-office exec and if Tim Tebow can wrest the starting QB job from Kyle Orton. He figures the presence of John Fox means that hopefully the constant turnover at the DC position will finally come to an end, although Bell thinks the Broncos' selection of Von Miller over Marcell Dareus (of course, who knows if Dareus was even their second choice?) will be a hot debate topic going forward.

Bell concludes by wondering if Brian Dawkins has enough to contribute in his 16th season (and is it worth $6 million?) and if the Broncos can finally restore their home-field advantage. That last one should be filed under the "moot points" category, as good teams always have good records at home, while mediocre and poor teams (like Denver has been for the past five years) do not. They just have to become a better team, period. The rest (winning at home, beating division rivals and lesser teams, etc.) result from that...not vice versa.


Quinton Carter visited a KinderCare in Golden to read to children while promoting a book sharing program.

Von Miller spoke at the rookie symposium about being inspired by speeches from Plaxico Burress, De Smith and Roger Goodell.

Ebenezer Ekuban and the rest of the Broncos Country Caravan toured southwest CO last week.

More on Cory Boyd, who had an excellent season for the Argos in 2010.

Daryl Gardener and his girlfriend were arrested for beating the crap out of each other.


Mike Silver writes that last night's negotiations, which stretched past midnight, were marked by a renewed lack of trust. The players cite the owners as now trying to exclude items from the earlier agreed upon straight revenue split, while the owners believe the players' lawyers would rather wait out the legal process to gain some more leverage. Apparently, the owners are trying to revive the idea of expanding the regular season and to fund retired player benefits as a part of the money directed to player salaries. Meanwhile, the players are bizarrely trying to get sales tax on ticket sales included in revenue calculations. Then again, Silver says that at least the two sides are still getting along, including Smith and Goodell, and therein lies reason for hope.

Mike Freeman sees positivity in the length of last night's talks, which he says is a credit to Judge Boylan's oversight.

Albert Breer says the two sides will reconvene this morning.


Niners C Eric Heitmann's latest neck injury was apparently the result of a Mike Singletary-led drill which resulted in several players getting hurt.

PFW is hearing that Oakland will prioritize re-signing TE Zach Miller and RB Michael Bush when free agency begins.

Reggie Bush still hasn't returned his Heisman, which is at a San Diego museum.

Leigh Steinberg joins Jack Bechta in whining about how his clients are portrayed in the media.

Matt Bowen isn't too excited about Terrelle Pryor's pro prospects.

Bucky Brooks lists his top 10 players in the game, while Andy Benoit lists his top 10 tight ends.

Farrar interviews Ndamukong Suh, while PFF has a sitdown with Bills WR Stevie Johnson.

Mike Clay of PFF breaks down the stats of Matthew Stafford and Lions TE Brandon Pettigrew, whose success last year came at the expense of Tony Scheffler.


If you're going to model your team mascot after a sock, you had best make sure it actually looks like...a sock.

In fact, With Leather is here to explain just how to do so...

Plus, Brandon at WL is apparently as tired of seeing a million Bleacher Report made-up stories everyday as I am.

As evidenced by a high-school love letter he wrote, Michael Jordan has some very nice cursive handwriting.

Soccer isn't the only sport that sounds much more exciting in Spanish - add baseball to the list.

Check out this Cubs fan, who first made a leaping grab of a home run ball from Miggy Tejada before nearly hitting Tejada with the ball when he threw it back.

This male Chinese cheerleader is not only wearing the same outfit as his female teammates, but he is REALLY INTO his gig.

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