The Daily Lard 6-9-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! The lawyer-free negotiations continued yesterday, shifting from NYC to Long Island, and the word is that both sides realize that now is the time to get a deal done. Albert Breer writes that the owners want a deal that will hold up for a matter of decades, while the players want to make it clear they won't be pushed around by the league as in the past. Interestingly, Breer points out that the tenor of the labor dispute has not been nearly as contentious as it's been made out to be by the alarmist media.

Breer says the urgency of the negotiations is based upon the fact that the league would lose about a billion dollars if the preseason is canceled, and that would harm both sides. Apparently, a deal must be reached by around July 15 if there is to be a preseason in full. Plus, it seems the words of Judge Kermit Bye last week which suggested both sides would be harmed by whatever decision the Eighth Circuit comes down with has leveled the field of play and motivated the two sides to get a move on. Let's hope this momentum carries through...


Jeff Legwold is back to proclaiming what "most in the NFL" think, this time saying they all believe the season will be shortened.

Tim Tebow is at the St. Jude Classic, and LJ is swooning over his biceps from afar. Meanwhile, SOB takes another approach.

Mayor-elect Michael Hancock says to vote for Tebow.

Brain Xanders was on 102.3 talking with Chad Andrus and Peter Schaffer, and apparently one of them is a radio amateur who doesn't know to cover his mike or mute it when he's about to sneeze.

Maurice Clarett spoke with Dan Patrick, stuck up for Jim Tressel and said the system is the problem in college football.


Gary Myers and MJD sees reasons for optimism in the labor talks.

La Canfora thinks a lengthy lockout will hinder the trade market.

The brains of both recently-deceased HOFers Joe Perry and John Henry Johnson will be examined for CTE.

Leigh Steinberg makes an argument for the NFL to return to La La Land.

Jim Haslett says Al Haynesworth is a lazy bum.

Some interesting quotes from the ESPN book which explain how SNF on NBC became the superior product to MNF on ESPN.

Khaled Elsayed's series on pass protection is concluding with a countdown, and part one has the Broncos as the 22nd-best (or 11th-worst) pass protection in the league.

Aaron Schatz examines broken tackles, and acccording to FO's data Denver's Nate Jones is one of the surer-tackling defensive backs around.

PFW takes a post-draft look at the Titans.

Wes Bunting and Rob Rang consider the prospects of Terrelle Pryor as an NFL wideout, while Bucky Brooks thinks Pryor should hold off on declaring for the supplemental draft.


I know I toss around a lot of hyperbole here within the Scrapple, but this may be the greatest music video I've ever seen. I'm just sayin'...

Who better than Brett Favre to explain to Anthony Weiner how he screwed up?

Whenever the league year begins, the Lions will be able to play contract hardball with Mikel Leshoure - he's already given up his leverage by tattooing their logo on his arm.

Woodrow has found himself in some journalistic hot water after he lifted a quote without attribution.

If Mark Teixeira is right, we never have to worry about Tebow ever missing a game due to injury.

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