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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Remember the negotiations that led to Champ Bailey's latest contract with Denver? You know, when Champ announced he was putting his Littleton house on the market and a few people called the esteemed vet a selfish prima donna? Well, even if Champ later admitted it was nothing more than a negotiating tactic once he was signed and delivered, it turns out he wasn't totally bluffing. That very same house of Bailey's just went into contract on Monday for what's reported as a $1.39 million sale. Just another reminder of why it's okay if Champ loses a step or two over the next few years - his wisdom and ability to disguise what he's up to is good enough to fool us, and that's not even on the field. BTW, anyone else feel like this all happened about six years ago? That's the effect of the lockout for us...


Legwold offers another profile of the extraordinary Quinton Carter and his charity work.

The passionate Legwold also considers the situation of Brady Quinn, who he says is unlikely to see the field much in 2011. And as usual, Captain Obvious misses out on the key fact that the Broncos may still owe the Browns another pick as part of the Quinn/Hillis deal, although the conditions of the potential pick are unknown.

More on BLloyd and his creative offseason, this time from

A pair of lighter reactions to Von Miller's new tattoo, one from With Leather and another from SBN.


The players and owners met again yesterday, this time in New York, in what Albert Breer is hearing are "very serious talks".

Mike Lombardi wonders who will step up and lead the two sides to an agreement.

Mark F-ing Brunell is close to getting out of bankruptcy and hopes to rejoin the Jets.

Don Banks sees both good and bad in a lost or shortened NFL season, and some of them are pretty funny.

Chris Brown offers an excellent breakdown of man and zone/area pass protection schemes, plus what he's been reading of late.

Jeffri Chadiha lists a group of players with uncertain futures, including Plaxico Burress. Meanwhile, Andrew Brandt is curious to see what Burress will get paid at his next stop.

Greg Gabriel explains just what NFL scouts do with their time during the summer.

KC Joyner thinks the Chiefs are unlikely (Insider required) to again win 10 games, while Bill Williamson thinks the addition of WR Jonathan Baldwin will be a big help.

Phil Rivers is busy, but he really just wants to play football.

Florio tried to make something of nothing regarding Kyle Shanahan (go figure) and Farrar is among those to lay the smack down.

Pat Kirwan lists his top 50 wideouts in tiers and is among those who want to see another great year from BLloyd before ranking him among the elite.

Khaled Elsayed's next pass-protection piece is on extra blockers; only the Raiders kept more players in protection than the Broncos did last year on average.

PFW's next post-draft look covers the Bucs.

Farrar on the iffy relationship between Alex Smith and Michael Crabtree.


Terrelle Pryor is leaving The Ohio State but it's unclear whether he'll declare for the supplemental draft.

Colt McCoy's wife called Cowherd yesterday, and what she said may put the Longhorns up next on the NCAA Witch Hunt Hot Seat. Plus, Farrar's reaction.

Tiger Woods won't be back in time for the U.S. Open.

Thankfully, the Rules of Golf will soon have one fewer ridiculous restriction.

Wow. Can you even fathom how terrible it would have been like to watch Jay Glazer and Joe Buck covering the Olympics? Thankfully, NBC won out...

Would you ever have guessed that Jack Nicklaus could dunk a basketball in his younger days, or that he played in a rec league until he was 40? (via Waggle Room)

Jason Whitlock refers to Gregg Doyel as a Skip Bayless imitator, for Doyel's poor questioning of LeBron James the other night. Plus, Whitlock reminds us that Bill Russell was and is the standard of winning in basketball, not Michael Jordan. Oh, and he calls Bayless the "Glenn Beck of ESPN" hahaha.

This kid is the next Tony Robbins or Woody Hayes...

Dogs that can surf? How cool is that?

More Bruins fans proving that perhaps not everyone should be allowed to post to YouTube.

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