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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Now that Ty Warren is back in the fold after finding a financial "middle ground" with the team, Denver's perpetual question mark at defensive tackle just got a whole lot smaller. Provided Ty's able to avoid a freak injury like the torn triceps he suffered last summer, we are now free to move on from the silliness of thinking an undrafted second-year tackle (Sealver Siliga) on his second team was going to be a starter. Yet it's not just Siliga who will now presumably be afforded the learning curve befitting a young DT; Warren's presence should free Derek Wolfe of the unfairly weighty expectations not normally placed on a second-rounder (it's not his fault he was Denver's first pick).

As for Warren's health, he's apparently In the Best Shape of His Life (ITBSOHL), which is of course what most players will say in June, but that the 310-pounder hasn't played since 2009 means he may actually be as minty "fresh" as he declares. The ex-Aggie never considered retirement, worked hard in his rehab, and "hate(s) that (he) couldn't contribute" the past two seasons in New England and Denver.

Ty's disposition is so sunny that he's glad to see Woody Paige, who in turn is so taken with the gregarious big man that he attributes him a third SB ring, one more than he actually possesses. At least Woody has the good sense to eviscerate the populists/borderline racists who have had the nerve to suggest the classy Warren is either lazy or taking advantage of the Broncos by collecting his agreed upon salary.

Warren and Chris Harris (videos) took their turns at the lectern yesterday, with the second-year corner acknowledging he has no job sewn up on his rookie-year laurels. Harris says the experience of having already had to cover Wes Welker and Antonio Gates gives him confidence while competing with an older rookie in fourth-rounder Omar Bolden, and BTW the defense picked off Peyton Manning five times on Tuesday.

Bolden, meanwhile, says it was quite a test to have to sit out his entire senior season at ASU with a knee injury, and he plans to "make the most of" an opportunity he "never doubted" would come.

It sounds like the team expects to soon get a deal done with Matt Prater that will exceed $15M over five years; Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki visited Dove Valley yesterday but couldn't catch passes from Peyton like he did last year, because he's currently on the DL.

The oddsmakers have set the over/under at 8.5 games before Peyton has to miss time this season due to injury.


Mike Silver reports that Saints defenders Roman Harper and Jo-Lonn Dunbar received $200 payments for "whack hits" they delivered in the team's playoff win over the Lions.

The lawsuits by ex-players against the league over its handling of head injuries will be consolidated; old friend Tony Dorsett says he struggles day to day with the after effects of his many concussions, and he expects the league will end up settling the litigation.

Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware still feels occasional stingers from an injury he suffered in 2009.

Former friend Nate Webster got a 12-year prison sentence in return for being a monstrous sexual predator.

Jerome Felton and Justin Blackmon expressed regret over their recent DUI arrests, with Blackmon claiming he's "done as far as right now" with the hooch.

The Giants gave Tom Coughlin a two-year extension that brings his total compensation to $20M over the next three years.

Raiders DL Desmond Bryant signed his one-year tender; center Stefen Wisniewski played through a torn shoulder labrum last year.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh says he doesn't care how Terrell Suggs got hurt. Similar to brother Jim's hilarious claim the Niners weren't really interested in PMFM, the Browns are now saying RGIII was too small-framed for their liking.

Philadelphia promoted Don Smolenski to be their new team president, with Joe Banner shifting into an advisory role for owner Jeffrey Lurie.


Doug Farrar, Mike Florio, and Larry Brown applaud the excellent article and video profile of gay former football player Wade Davis.

A six-year-old Giants fan sent new 49er Brandon Jacobs a letter with $3.36 in cash after being told his team didn't have enough money to keep the RB. Jacobs says he's thinking about rewarding the kid with a visit, which would obviously be incredibly cool.

Adrian Peterson joined Tim Tebow on the list of people who don't know that "under God" wasn't added to the Pledge of Allegiance until 1954 under fears of Communism taking over the universe.

Jason Taylor will work for the Worldwide Leader as an analyst.

Given the choice between Matt Forte and Ray Rice, Bucky Brooks would go with the latter.

Matt Bowen explains the lethality of the Post-Corner double route to a defender in Cover 2; Jack Bechta lists the five biggest/most common mistakes rookies make off the field.

Over at KSK, a wistful look at a pudgy young PK, captionized OTA pics, and some weighty comeuppance sent jokester LaMarr Woodley's way.

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