Multifaceted Lloyd Lard 6-7-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! PFF has a lengthy interview with Brandon Lloyd, and there's plenty of interesting stuff. For one, Lloyd has had quite an interesting offseason - he's been selling specialty metal to aerospace companies in what he says started "as a joke". BLloyd says that although he grew up in KC, he was not a Chiefs fan per se - yet, he was a big Nick Lowery fan - go figure. Plus, he says what gives him the ability to make so many acrobatic catches is that he actually visualizes and dreams about doing so.

Lloyd also spoke of his relationship with Josh McDaniels, who apparently had wanted the Pats to draft the WR after running his Illinois pro day. But Brandon says he's not concerned by the switch to a more defensive-minded coach in John Fox and that he'll prepare the same way he always does - plus, that he would rather win more games and catch fewer balls. He also pointed to opposing defenses' shift to Cover 2 from Cover 1 as having hurt the Broncos' passing attack later in the season and says the team was outcoached in McDaniels' final game in KC.

In addition to marveling at Tim Tebow's will and determination (and whose mechanics he says need tightening) and rehashing his past in San Fran and Washington, Lloyd thankfully says that playing football has still not become "a job" for him, and that he still enjoys the game, which he says he figures he only has 3-5 years left playing. Frankly, if Lloyd were to slip back to catching 10 or 20 balls a year I'd still like to see him in Denver, just to hear what he has to say...


In his latest mailbag, Mike Klis confirms what you've been reading here at IAOFM - that Joe Mays is most likely to be Denver's starting Mike linebacker this season, although he'll face competition from Nate Irving and Mario Haggan. Plus, Klis doesn't see the Broncos as having interest in Al Haynesworth and thinks Kyle Orton's trade value is a third-rounder because of his high-ish salary. Klis also writes a few words on the potential roles of Rahim Moore and Quinton Carter, which Doc covered in great depth yesterday. Klis has kind words for Josh McDaniels, who he calls a "very bright" "good man" who "didn't deserve" the harsh treatment he received from Denver's fans. But he thinks the coach was perhaps betrayed by the combination of his youthful appearance and emotional volatility, and by a lack of personableness.

According to SportsBusiness Journal, the NFL has a contingency plan for a prolonged lockout which includes an eight-game season. According to Klis, in this unlikely scenario the first half of the season would be lopped off, and the Broncos would open at Kansas City (currently their Week 10 matchup) and continue from there. This would mean two games against the Chiefs, one versus San Diego and none against the Raiders.

LJ also checks in on BLloyd, who writes and record his own rap music.

More Broncos-relevant analysis from Matt Bowen, as he breaks down the Saints' use of Cover 7.

Legwold has again gone through his Rolodex to find that none of his NFL friends think Lloyd is an elite talent. They probably just aren't capable of admitting they were wrong about someone like we all are...

Woody Paige endeavors to explore the possible destinations for Orton but really just mumbles his way through a bore of a column.

More reaction to Von Miller's tattoo.

Karl Mecklenburg spoke with Chad and Cecil while at the Broncos Alumni golf tourney. (Podcast)


Here's Daniel Kaplan's story on the eight-game scenario.

The NFL filed a motion to dismiss the NFLPA's antitrust suit, but it's apparently just a procedural matter.

The NLRB has concluded the initial phase of its investigation of the NFL's unfair labor practices charge against the NFLPA.

Andrew Brandt reviews Friday's happenings in St. Louis and thinks a deal is not coming soon.


A few NFL players have been practicing MMA with "journalist" Jay Glazer to stay in shape.

Yes! Marv Albert is in fact replacing Gus Johnson at CBS.

Word is that Dez Bryant still owes that jeweler over $600K.

Cheap shot artist extraordinaire Cortland Finnegan is whining about tougher rules.

Plaxico Burress left prison wearing a Phillies cap, plus the Vegas odds on where he'll end up. And - his reunion with Drew Rosenhaus.

Pat Kirwan says that once the league year starts, a ton of contracts will need to be negotiated in a brief timespan and expects plenty of notable salary dumps.

PFW's post-draft look at the Seahawks.

Khaled Elsayed looks at how often teams allowed pressure to become sacks, and the Broncos and Kyle Orton didn't do so hot in 2010.

IAOFM reader Studbucket offers up an interesting new manner of "grading" the draft in two segments: Part 1 and Part 2.

Wes Bunting looks at LSU's 2012 prospects, while Rob Rang thinks Terrelle Pryor should stay in school.


USC has been stripped of their 2004 BCS national title.

PK's MMQB as interpreted by Drew and KSK.

Summer ale reviews, including Anchor's excellent version from the SF Chronicle. I'll submit my hometown Brooklyn Brewery's model as a fine alternative too.

The 25 best blogs of 2011, as selected by TIME. How many of them do you read?

Eating dirt may in fact be good for you. I guess Raiders fans knew something after all...

Touching again upon links I forgot to pass along last week, Eddie Vedder's new album Ukulele Songs is out, as is his DVD Water on the Road. Plus, out today is the soundtrack for The Book of Mormon, the Broadway musical by the most famous? Broncos fans of all, Parker and Stone.

Epic Meal Time is back with hors d'oevres.

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