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Good Morning, Broncos fans! In his latest MMQB column, PK says he hopes the players and owners will continue to meet sans lawyers and makes the case for said lawyers to shut the hell up. Plus, monitoring concussions - there's an iPhone app for that - PK's ridiculous shadow top 100 list, and a bunch of book reviews from King. Finally, PK points out that not only are team staffers dealing with reduced salaries, but so are NFL Films employees. Stay classy, NFL...


Champ Bailey was voted the 48th-best player in NFLN's top 100 list - here he's introduced by Terrell Owens, which is as strange as it sounds. TO is clearly not comfortable praising other people, and he doesn't do a very good job of it here. Here is Champ's reaction to his placement within the top 100.

David Ramsey admires Tim Tebow the person but points out he's unlikely to be as great on the field as his most rabid admirers think he'll be.

Tebow continued his book tour with a visit to Bill O'Reilly, who basically tried to get the QB to say that all his teammates are bad people. Naturally, Tebow didn't go there.

Tebow was also on ESPN's First Take and visited with Sean Hannity (more evil teammates) and last week.


Mike Florio explains how the Eighth Circuit could come up with a decision that neither side likes, as Judge Bye put it on Friday.

Among their latest Whispers, PFW is also hearing that the Cards are fond of Kyle Orton as a backup plan to acquiring Kevin Kolb.

Khaled Elsayed examines defensive pressure as allowed by offensive lines, skill players and quarterbacks. The Broncos are middling in most categories, although the Orton/Tebow combination was among the worst in terms of QB-invited pressures. 

Bill Rhoden on Plaxico Burress' release from prison today. Matt Bowen says he'd take a look at the WR if he were running a team.

Plus, Bowen thinks the league has gone a little too far in targeting the Steelers and their aggressive defense.

Andy Barall focuses on the greatness of the late John Henry Johnson.


A bunch of Buckeyes fans marched to Jim Tressel's house to literally sing his praises.

Some dope at the French Open gave Francesca Schiavone a champion's trophy after she lost in the final.

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