Tatooed Lard 6-5-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Von Miller has stirred up a bit of controversy with a tattoo he got the other day - it's a band on his arm of Pac-Man, a slice of watermelon, a dollar sign, a fried chicken leg and a Pac-Man enemy/ghost. I can't say I'm totally equipped to write about this properly, but my first reaction is that Von didn't do himself a favor with this one. While I'd like to think Miller did this to make us think about stereotypes and reflect on race relations in American society, his Twitter stream makes it seems more like he didn't quite think it through. What are your thoughts?


Klis examines the Broncos' biggest offseason questions, from the QB battle to adding DTs and a running back, and finding a starting Mike LB.

LJ on Tebow's promise-ring packed book signing at the Tattered Cover.

Here's a portrait of Brandon Lloyd from his visit to NFLN.

Kiszla responds to emails.

Former Bronco Trey Teague has become a member of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission.


HOF running back John Henry Johnson passed away at age 81.

In his Sunday column, Dan Pompei writes that teams are finding uses for iPads - including the Ravens who gave out their playbooks this year on them.

Eli Kaberon of PFW focuses on the NFL's stadium workers and how they'll potentially be affected by the lockout.

Greg Bishop on a few of the more interesting jobs NFL players are taking up this summer.

PFW's series of post-draft team reports turns to the Chargers and Niners.

Are Glenn Dorsey's talents being wasted playing in the Chiefs' style of defense?

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One-liners via PFT.

Bobby Bowden says it's impossible to run a clean program under the NCAA's rules.

Wes Bunting checks out Kentucky's best 2012 draft prospects.

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