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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Many of you will recall former Denver backup QB Matt Mauck, best known for having guided LSU to a share of the 2003 National Championship with Southern Cal as a 24-year-old junior. What you may not remember is that Mauck, who spent three years in the Cubs organization before heading to LSU, was rumored to be considering dental school over his final year of eligibility and a possible NFL career. This turned out to be untrue, and Denver selected him in the seventh round of the 2004 Draft. Mauck did not appear in a game during his one year in Denver before spending three seasons with the Titans.

So why are we talking about Mauck today? Well, his story has come full circle - following his retirement from the NFL he headed to CU's dental school, from which he graduated last week - and Mauck will be returning to the Broncos as one of their team dentists. He will be working in their dental office and be on the sideline at the Big IF in case of player injuries. Rather than the more typical path of returning to football as a coach, Mauck has now gone from minor-league baseball player, to D-1 national champion, to backup NFL QB, to team dentist. Congratulations Matt, and welcome back!


Legwold reminds us that Dennis Allen was not John Fox's first choice at DC while passionately offering his educated guess as to what the Broncos' defense will look like in 2011.

Here's a YouTube video of a Von Miller interview with Topps.

Matt Bowen thinks the Cards shouldn't trade for Kyle Orton over Kevin Kolb just because he's likely the cheaper option.

With Leather reacts to Tebow's Daily Show appearance and the Lions' Silver Crush BS.

Redskins TE Chris Cooley, who grew up a Broncos fan in Wyoming, recently prank called Carson Palmer, John Elway and Marvin Lewis trying to convince the latter two that Palmer wanted to be traded to Denver.


Albert Breer and Judy Battista sum up the day in court.

Here's a fascinating take on the players' strategy via Chris Brown - even if the Eighth Circuit rules to uphold the lockout, the owners may rack up sizeable antitrust damages and ultimately lose out big.

Mike Silver offers his opinion on the owners' abhorrent tactic of furloughing and/or cutting the salaries of their teams' lowest-paid employees.

Leigh Steinberg is pretty certain the 2011 season will get started on time.

Vegas wants to see the lockout end ASAP.


Jerry McDonald doesn't think Plaxico Burress is a likely target for the Raiders.

Texans TE Owen Daniels is finally healthy and ready to play a full season.

Vinnie Iyer takes a brief look at each AFC and NFC team to find who's leading them and who's key to their 2011 seasons.

Nathan Jahnke evaluates Packers LB Desmond Bishop; Vic Carucci doesn't like that the Packers will be getting their SB rings in private; the team made Ron Wolf's son their assistant director of player personnel.

Bucky Brooks is starting his own list of the best players in the NFL, starting with numbers 41-50.

Gil Brandt lists his top 100 undrafted players of all time.

Tanier's latest Walkthrough includes the best QBs in Cardinals and Seahawks history.

PFW takes a post-draft look at the Rams.

Like the Broncos, the Seahawks are planning on changing their jerseys in 2012.

Mike Beacom looks back at the impact of the late HOFer Andy Robustelli.

Terrelle Pryor's guardian says the Buckeyes QB will stay in school. Meanwhile, Greg Gabriel evaluates Pryor and thinks he's got a lot of growing up to do if he's to be an NFL QB.

Wes Bunting looks at the Razorbacks' 2012 NFL prospects.


Natalie Meisler, who covers Colorado State for the DP, is apparently a vengeful lunatic, so if you ever see her walking around town, steer clear! (via SportsGrid)

I have a feeling these young Bruins fans are going to grow up to be just like that Phillies fan from yesterday.

Gotta wonder if any Denver fans as enthusiastic about the Broncos as this guy is for his Canucks. I am a bit suspicious of the angle of the text though - it could definitely be Photoshopped...

Hahaha check out this Cubs logo within Wrigley Field. (via SOB)

KSK's latest sex/fantasy football mailbag.

Bono went hitchhiking the other day and got picked up by an Edmonton Oiler.

Greg Bishop profiles the extraordinary Bernard Hopkins and his ridiculous self-disicipline.

Scripps Spelling Bee pics via With Leather.

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