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Good Morning, Broncos fans! In Woody's latest mailbag, he shares some good insight on the Denver coaching staff, as John Fox retained 11 of Josh McDaniels' assistants, mostly on the offensive side. Paige writes that there was a divide among the staff last year, with defensive assistants comprising what he calls the "anti-McDaniels faction," most or all of whom have moved on. He also points out that Fox quite interestingly kept on Mark Thewes, McDaniels' best friend and assistant, citing the job Thewes did of insulating and protecting McDaniels as his situation in Denver worsened.

Woody figures that if Tim Tebow is the starting QB, we can expect to see more plays that utilize his ability to get out of the pocket, and he theorizes that Knowshon Moreno will at best either split carries or become more of a third-down type back. He also floats the idea of re-signing Daniel Graham, but that seems unlikely considering his advanced age and the diverse talent and youth already on the roster at that position. Woody expects little meddling from Fox on offense, not because it's Fox's way (it is) but because he'll need to focus on helping Dennis Allen in his first year as DC.

Woody says not to expect Justin Bannan back, and that he's likely headed eastward. Finally, he says that the only way Kyle Orton ends up starting at QB is if the labor talks go much later than expected, resulting in an abridged training camp.


Gray Caldwell got in a few questions about free agency with Brian Xanders, who noted the uniqueness of having a draft before free agency, claimed the team hasn't tampered with any players or agents (he'd better be lying), and explains a bit how the team analyzes their potential free agency outlays.

Mike Klis goes over the defensive tackles available in free agency in order of their perceived fit in Denver.

The judge in Perrish Cox's rape case has delayed the release of his arrest affadavit until the CO Supreme Court decides whether to rule on it.

The Broncos have renewed their deal with KKTV for coverage of the team in southern Colorado.

Larry Brown on some of the more interesting quotes from that Washington Post story on Tebow.

Vic & Gary spoke with (podcast) Xanders yesterday about the FO's preparation for veteran and rookie free agency, expectations for Knowshon Moreno and the team's draftees.


Chris Mortensen is reporting that players and owners will rejoin the labor negotiations tomorrow in Minnesota, a day after Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith spoke at the NFLPA's rookie seminar in Florida.

Smith apparently is still managing the players' expectations, although Jay Glazer paints the story as being that a new CBA isn't actually that close. Fear, baby!

Florio kind of agrees with Glazer and believes the lawyers Jeffrey Kessler and Jim Quinn are trying to derail a deal from the players side and may be going behind Smith's back to do so.

Meanwhile, Mike Freeman thinks Smith's invitation to Goodell shows the two sides are much closer than they're letting on publicly and he believes this Glazer report is merely an attempt by the players' side to impress upon the owners that they're not pushovers and won't accept whatever the league offers them at this juncture.

Jim Trotter details the rookie symposium.

Some rookies are struggling to pay the bills during the lockout, although Von Miller says he's not one of them.

Alex Marvez says not to blame this offseason's player arrests on the lockout.

Companies that focus on fantasy football are suffering financially due to the lockout.


Niners C Eric Heitmann may miss his second consecutive season after recent neck surgery.

Carson Palmer has sold his Cincy-area home.

Tarvaris Jackson is talking about moving on from Minnesota.

Warren Sapp wasn't at all impressed by Oakland safety Michael Huff back when the two were teammates, at least not in a good way.

Jack Bechta thinks football writers should pay more attention to players' charitable endeavors rather than focusing on the negative stories.

Matt Bowen shares a version of the NFL passing tree and discusses each of its routes.

Doug Farrar offers his scouting report on Terrelle Pryor, who is being mentored by Ken Anderson.

Herm Edwards basically served up his own version of Scared Straight at the rookie symposium, and it's pretty awesome to watch.


Bucky Brooks counts Robert Ayers among the underachievers from the 2009 draft class who he thinks need to produce in 2011. Granted, Ayers' role has been mainly as an edge-setter rather than a pass rusher, so it's a bit unfair to say he hasn't delivered.

No surprise here: Pat Kirwan shares his top 20 linebackers, with no Broncos among them.

Andy Benoit's top ten running backs, a list that dropped DeAngelo Williams from the prior year.

Jeffri Chadiha continues his series of unconventional "best of" lists with head coaches.

Doug Farrar examines defensive stop rates for linebackers and safeties, with zero Broncos ranking among the best at either position. 

Aaron Schatz looks at teams' use of empty backfields and finds that Denver was league average in terms of their success with them, but went with them quite rarely.

Jonathan Comey on the Raiders' remarkable scoring surge of 2010 as compared to their pathetic 2009 campaign.

Nathan Jahnke on the best teams of 2010 at running the Wildcat.


The NBA is about to have a lockout too.

More on Brian Wilson's "Got heeem" from With Leather.

Charlie Sheen went on the juice to bulk up for Major League.

The Twitter stylings of one Darnell Docket.

Wow. Who has bigger pipes? Tebow or Maria Sharapova?

Not sure if non-New Yorkers will appreciate this, but here's video of a record-breaking drive around Manhattan.

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