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Happy Friday, Broncos fans! In Woody's latest mailbag, he again makes the argument that Denver should sign Panthers RB DeAngelo Williams in free agency while listing a few alternatives including Ahmad Bradshaw of the G-Men. Interestingly, he says that it was Gary Kubiak who was most responsible for the Broncos having taken Terrell Davis back in 1995, not then-RBs coach Bobby Turner.

Paige also continues his burial of Knowshon, writing that the coaching staff is already convinced that Moreno "is not a big-time running back" and "doesn't have the skill set or the mind-set" to be one. It's interesting that Woody has consistently represented these opinions as belonging to the Broncos' brass. If Knowshon is as difficult a personality as Woodrow has made him out to be, perhaps the team feels the only/last way to get more out of the RB is to call him out in the local rag?


Tim Tebow was on The Daily Show as part of his book tour last night, and thankfully he was more prepared for it than Rex Ryan was for Colbert. It's nice to see a more relaxed Tebow where he's able to speak somewhat frankly about being a real kid - who doesn't always want to go to church, and thinks college athletes should be paid - as opposed to the cliched locker room interview snippets and benefit speeches. This is not a criticism of Tebow, but we're used to just hearing him answer the same tired questions about his role with the Broncos or about his faith or his charity work - here we get to hear him talk about himself for once. He even generated a couple yuks - good stuff...

Legwold writes with passion about the impact of the lockout on rookies; he says Von Miller and Orlando Franklin will be starters for Denver no matter how abridged the offseason ends up being. He also thinks Rahim Moore could be eased into the free safety position behind Renaldo Hill, while Nate Irving should at least have a shot at winning the starting Mike job.

Vinnie Iyer says there's no stopping the Tebow brand, and considering that people have bought tickets and camped out for his book signings, it's hard to dispute that.

Brandon Lloyd's visit to NFLN the other day included a segment with Pats WR Julian Edelman and Solomon Wilcots as the trio broke down the nuances of lining up as a split end/flanker or slot receiver.

The DP, AP and NYT argued yesterday for the affadavit detailing Perrish Cox's arrest to be unsealed, while the defense and prosecution both maintained it should remain sealed.

Kent Somers wonders if the Cards are better off trading less for Kyle Orton than it'd take to get Kevin Kolb.

Vic Carucci writes about TD's discovery that NFL coaching is harder work than he'd like for his next career. As for his sausage analogy, nobody should eat anything which they're not willing to see/know the progeny of...

Eddie Mac's son Max has committed to play football for Duke.

Here's a pretty cool time-lapse video of the Big IF being set up for a U2 concert last month.


Gabe Feldman and Albert Breer tell us what to expect from the Eighth Circuit.

Andrew Brandt thinks the owners carry a slight edge into today's game hearings.

The owners and players wrapped up three days of lawyer-free negotiations yesterday.

Despite the gag order, one of the players told Mike Freeman that real progress was made and a deal could be made within a matter of weeks.

Jason Cole points out that litigation is historically the players' only strong/real weapon in their labor disputes with the owners.

DirecTV says they'll prorate the cost of Sunday Ticket packages if the season is shortened at all.

As Kevin Fishbein points out, fans aren't really about to abandon the game because of the lockout.

Doug Farrar considers the difficulty for the players of staying on point as the lockout endures.


The NFL sponsored a forum in Detroit where former players and their relatives spoke about the long-term effects of football-inducted injuries.

Mike Tanier thinks the lockout and the shortened offseason will cause problems for more complex offenses in 2011.

Among their Insider snippets, PFW says John Fox didn't see Marcell Dareus as a three-down player and points to the fact that Fox's former assistant coached Dareus at Alabama as perhaps the source of some insider info Fox got on the DT.

Jeffri Chadiha also writes about the impact of the lockout on rookies' potential contributions in 2011.

Meanwhile, Pat Kirwan thinks the extra time off will help certain vets more than others.

Jim Schwartz wants his D-Line to be known as "The Silver Crush". Yeah, that's really f-ing creative...

Next up in FO's examination of defensive stops is the run game, and here's where D.J. Williams falters in a big way. FWIW, among linemen Jamal Williams ranked quite highly while Justin Bannan did not do well. Finally, Renaldo Hill is tied for the worst rate among defensive backs.

PFF's Mike Clay looks at outliers among touchdown rates of receivers and includes Brandon Lloyd among those likely to have a much lower rate in 2011.

PFW takes a post-draft look at the Steelers.

Khaled Elsayed can't believe Chargers NT Antonio Garay didn't get to play more than he did last year.

John at Advanced NFL Stats looks back at Rams/Cardinals among last season's most exciting games.

Joe Fortenbaugh wonders if Terrelle Pryor should just go to Canada.


Here's a great slideshow from the Times chronicling Shaq's career.

Jason Whitlock compares Shaq's authenticity to Brett Favre's self-importance.

CHFF offers up the Buckeye's all-time Tressel violations team.

If you're unfamiliar with Philly fans, this should provide an all-encompassing primer: a female Phillies fan sniffing her own pits on TV. (via SOB)

Blake Griffin lost at Pop-A-Shot to a blindfolded busboy on Kimmel the other night.

Another reminder that Pacific Northwesterners are just cooler than us: The Mariners are giving out Mike McCready bobblehead dolls at tonight's game.

A tour operator in Australia has found that in addition to their penchant for eating Raiders fans, great white sharks are attracted by the musical stylings of AC/DC.

Bill Simmons is still bitter that the Mets BEAT the Sawks in the World Series.

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