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Good Morning, Broncos fans! As he profiles Julius Thomas and his transition to the NFL, Klis changed his mind sometime yesterday and realized that no, the Broncos probably won't be signing any veteran tight ends in free agency. Meanwhile, Thomas has been staying with Brady Quinn and was apparently the first of Denver's nine picks to join the veteran workouts yesterday when he caught passes from Quinn.

Klis also helps us clarify the rookies/playbooks mystery: Thomas and the rest of the second-day draftees apparently don't have them, while the first-day picks do. But really, how does that make any sense at all? It can't be that the relationship between fellow draftees or between veterans and rookies is so cutthroat that they don't want to help each other out, right? It would presumably take just one player with a playbook and some initiative to head over to a Staples or Kinko's and have some copies made for his mates. Perhaps NFL playbooks now self-destruct when they're placed on a copy machine? Come on guys, it's been two months...

Note 10:50AM ET - As Ted pointed out to me, there is paper out there that prevents scans and copies, and it stands to reason that NFL teams would utilize this technology when printing their playbooks. So, that would explain things and render my rant moot...


The team's site has a great Q&A with Terrell Davis, who speaks about his relationship with his old teammates, fatherhood, the HOF and his love of golf (he says he's about a 10 handicap).

The Washington Post's faith writer shares an interesting conversation with Tim Tebow, who won't rule out marrying outside his faith, admits to praying for wins before football games, refused/was not allowed by his publicist to address gay marriage and left open the idea of someday running for office.

Von Miller was present at the NFLPA's rookie symposium yesterday.

A UCLA tight end is about to meet Tebow thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

One-time Bronco Ty Law is hoping to retire as a Patriot.

Former Bronco and SC Gamecock Cory Boyd has reunited with another college teammate following the death of their friend Kenny McKinley.

Denver's assistant director of pro personnel Champ Kelly is hosting a football camp this week at his old high school in FL.

Former Bronco Garrett Ford is retiring from his longtime post as WVU's Associate AD for Student Services.


At De Smith's request, Roger Goodell joined Smith in flying to Florida to speak with rookies today at the NFLPA symposium. Following the seminar, the two men will fly back to Minnesota today to resume labor negotiations.

Mike Freeman hears this round of talks may actually go for more or less than the reported four days, and he says this is a crucial week as far as not losing any part of the season goes. Plus, Freeman says that both Smith and Goodell are now operating with more power on behalf of their respective constituencies.

Andrew Brandt offers up an excellent FAQ-style article on the remaining labor issues and what to expect of the future of NFL offseasons.

The retired players who are part of the Brady suit are trying to make sure their voices are heard and concerns are addressed as a settlement nears.

Clifton Brown would like to see more cold-weather SB sites as part of the new CBA.


Naturally, the agents for both Terrell Owens and Ben Roethlisberger claim the reports surrounding their clients' health issues are overblown.

Nike's brand president again stressed that the company will "be aggressive" with redesigning jerseys for 2012, although just how aggressive depends upon the team. (Thanks, RSH)

Chiefs TE Leonard Pope is going to use his platform to encourage kids to learn water safety following his own heroic experience.

Channing Crowder admitted to selling his jerseys while at UF but then backtracked yesterday.

QB tutor George Whitfield is going to work with Terrelle Pryor.

Vinnie Iyer figures that Buffalo may be a good landing spot for Vince Young this year.

Dennis Dillon would like to see the new playoff OT rules extended to the regular season.

Bucky Brooks agrees with Chris Johnson that the Titans RB deserves a big payday.

Jason Cole doesn't think T.O. will be leaving much of a legacy whenever he's done.

Thoughts on the Thursday night TV package from Awful Announcing.

NFL Films on the league's biggest trash talkers past and present.


Part 3 of Greg Gabriel's list of possible second-year breakout players.

Nate Jones may be versatile, but he doesn't fare well in terms of Burn Rate according to STATS Inc.

Pat Kirwan lists his top defensive tackles and 3-4 ends.

Andy Benoit includes Brandon Lloyd among his top 10 wide receivers.

Khaled Elsayed shares PFF's top 10 running backs in terms of grading over the past three seasons.

Jeffri Chadiha lists the best player in each of 10 different categories like leadership and toughness.


This is just mind-blowing. Pittsburgh is going to have a rally to celebrate the fact that Hines Ward won a reality show.

Many of you have probably already seen these, but here are the 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time, plus the Other 100.

This ceremonial first pitch by a Cirque de Soleil performer is a stark contrast to Dirk Nowitzki's pathetic attempt.

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