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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Mike Klis looks at the veteran running backs expected to be available in free agency, and thankfully doesn't list DeAngelo Williams as the best fit for Denver. Much more sensibly, Klis thinks Oakland's Michael Bush would be an ideal fit, and Bush certainly does more closely resemble the "Fox likes bigger RBs" meme, as the 27-year old has six inches and over thirty pounds on Williams. More importantly, Bush is likely to command much less in the way of guaranteed money.

Puzzingly, Klis is sticking with the "Denver needs to sign a pass-catching TE" line of thought even after the Broncos added Julius Thomas and Virgil Green via the draft to the incumbent group of Richard Quinn, Dan Gronkowski and Daniel Coats. Unless keeping five TEs on the roster is an option (how could it be?) it's quite hard to believe the Broncos would want to give another TE any amount of guaranteed money. Figure that Coats is a very likely cut, and three or four of the remaining players would make the final roster.


Here's the summer issue of Broncos Magazine, including a recap of their draft and Brian Xanders' thoughts on the performance of the team's draftees at Combine.

A profile of Denver safety Kyle McCarthy in his hometown Ohio newspaper.

The witness most responsible for putting the killer of Darrent Williams behind bars is likely to end up in the federal witness protection program in return for his testimony.


Labor talks are expected to reconvene in Minnesota, and the players' side apparently met yesterday in preparation for them.

The league does intend to enforce its conduct policy retroactively once the lockout ends.

Pat Kirwan doesn't like the potential concept of teams having a right of first refusal in the next CBA. Plus, he lists his favorite fourth- and fifth-year players who are expected to hit free agency.

Andrew Brandt says the lockout is dampening all the disgruntled player talk that characterizes the typical offseason.

Brad Biggs looks back at Paul Tagliabue's shoving off of the rookie pay issue years ago.


The NFL is shopping a Thursday night package of eight games to be broadcast in the first half of the season (before NFLN takes over the second half), with Turner (TNT, TBS, TruTV) and Comcast (Versus) the reported top bidders at this point.

The NFLPA will tell rookies attending their symposium to avoid major financial commitments, while Mike Freeman is baffled by the number of draftees who are skipping the event.

AEG is apparently seeking less public financing in its latest LA stadium proposal.

MetLife may purchase the naming rights to the Giants and Jets' home.

Chiefs TE Leonard Pope was honored by the family of the boy whose life he recently saved.

Darnell Dockett live tweeted getting pulled over by the police.

Eli Manning has not forgotten that Tiki Barber was a complete j/o towards him when he joined the media.

Matt Bowen considers the chances of Terrell Owens returning, while Alex Marvez ponders what could have been of his career.

In his second Waterboy column, Luis DeLoureiro looks at yo-yoing team records.

Nathan Jahnke is focusing in on Wildcat formations, starting out by explaining how it's utilized to run the ball and then to pass it.

Jonathan Comey examines the ridiculous passer ratings compiled by Tom Brady in the regular season and Aaron Rodgers in the playoffs.

Aaron Schatz checks out which teams used six O-linemen most often last year, led by the Raiders.

Mike Tanier profiles the tiny Indoor Football League.


Mike Lombardi finds NFLN's list of the top 100 players in the league as voted by the players to be ridiculous.

Andy Benoit's top 10 quarterbacks.

The best of the rest of free-agent wideouts, according to Vinnie Iyer.

The Pro Football Researchers Association has come up with 20 finalists for its Hall of Very Good, including former Denver coach Lou Saban.

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