The Daily Lard 6-25-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Leigh Steinberg considers the many ways the lockout will end up affecting teams this season, starting with the disadvantage teams like Denver will have as a new coaching staff races to familiarize itself with the players. Steinberg writes that veteran free agents will have plenty of catching up to do in learning new systems and getting acquainted with teammates, while both drafted and undrafted rookies will be at a serious competitive advantage. Due to the lack of offseason conditioning, Steinberg foresees an increase in serious injuries during training camp and a higher severity of injuries.

Along the same line of thinking, Jason Cole writes that teams expect to lean more on veteran players than ever before.


Alex Mayster of PFW writes that Denver would like to re-sign Marcus Thomas even though he is to be an unrestricted free agent under the new CBA, and that the team is likely to sign multiple DTs.

Former Denver safety Nick Ferguson will be a studio analyst for Sky Sports in London and the network's coverage of the NFL. Gray Caldwell and Lindsay Jones detail Ferguson's hiring.

Plus, Mayster reviews Tim Tebow's book and finds that it's directed at hardcore Gators fans.

Steve Scarnecchia, scapegoat villain of Spygate 2, has landed a new gig at Syracuse, which recenly hired Floyd Little.


Albert Breer writes that the players and owners will meet again next week, and that the next big issue for them to tackle is the rookie wage scale. Plus, the NFLPA will hold their version of the league's canceled rookie symposium next week in FL.

Mike Freeman says the players are hoping to alter the league's disciplinary process and Roger Goodell's judge/jury/executioner role. Plus, he hears that players and owners are continuing their negotiations over the phone even when not meeting face to face.

Ed Reed says the Ravens' players had wanted Rex Ryan to be their head coach rather than John Harbaugh.

Eight former North Carolina players including Greg Little and Robert Quinn racked up a total of 317 unpaid parking tickets while at Chapel Hill, including citations for parking in fire lanes and handicapped spaces.

136 members of the Chiefs organization went to Joplin to help with relief efforts.

The Bills officially unveiled their new uniforms yesterday, although via EA we already knew what they'd look like. Either way, they're nice.


Among the veterans expected to be freed by the next CBA's rules, Vinnie Iyer says DeAngelo Williams makes sense in Denver.

John Clayton lists teams he thinks will be helped or harmed by the expected cap-spending rules.

Doug Farrar's all-underrated list on offense includes Kyle Orton and Brandon Lloyd, while his defensive list includes Mario Haggan.

Part two of Greg Gabriel's list of second-year players who could break out in 2011.

11-20 of Bucky Brooks' top players list, plus PFW's NFC West possible breakout players for 2011.

Andy Benoit ranks Champ Bailey as the fourth-best CB in the league and doesn't buy the notion he's slowing down.

One-liners via PFT.


Jason Whitlock shares some details on his own NCAA violations.

How weird is this? Nats manager Jim Riggleman quit just as his team had won 11 of its last 12 games. And then he went out drinking to celebrate.

Michael Jordan apparently could have become a CLIPPER in 1988.

Dirk Nowitzki would apparently not make for much of a baseball pitcher.

YIKES. An aluminum bat broke and flew off into the stands at the College World Series.

It's always fun to listen to Giants closer Brian Wilson talk.

Ron Artest wants to change his name to Metta World Peace.

Isn't tennis supposed to be a gentlemen's game?

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