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Good Morning, Broncos fans! In his latest mailbag, Woody writes that Tim Tebow was mostly coached last year by Mike McCoy and Adam Gase, and is very happy the two were retained for John Fox's staff. He also says that if Tebow is declared the starter this season and Kyle Orton is still around, that the veteran will demand a trade. interestingly, Woody writes that Fox sent Jake Delhomme packing from Carolina last year for the player's benefit and would like for Delhomme to back up and help mentor Tebow if Orton is indeed dealt away.

Plus, apparently Sam Farmer of the LA Times floated the idea of Pat Bowlen swapping franchises with Rams owner Stan Kroenke and moving the Rams to Los Angeles. But Woody says that's just not happening.


Jason La Canfora doesn't think Kyle Orton will be among the veterans who are traded this summer.

A judge has granted the DP, AP and NYT their request to have Perrish Cox's arrest affadavit made public.

An artist is offering statues of Tim Tebow (as a Gator) for the low, low price of $12,000 a pop. With Leather and KSK react.


The owners are apparently still trying to omit federal judicial oversight from the next deal.

Andrew Brandt analyzes each facet of the potential new CBA and writes that the owners have actually offered cap minimum of 95%, more than has been reported elsewhere.

Mike Lombardi writes that the owners are now dead set on getting a deal done.

Mike Freeman writes that the players are giving up $500 million in today's terms, that players seem to be okay with the structure of the pending deal, and that after yesterday we're still on track for an agreement within a matter of weeks.

Mike Florio on what the new CBA will likely mean for small-market franchises, while Doug Farrar says the teams most affected by the salary floor would be Carolina, Buffalo, Cleveland, Indy and Tampa Bay.


Jack Bechta thinks we'll see much bigger signing bonuses for undrafted rookies this year and lesser expectations for rookies, among other effects of the lockout. Meanwhile, his colleague Matt Bowen agrees that 2011 should be viewed as a developmental year for the recent draftees.

Yikes. Some sales manager for the Bucs was arrested in one of those child sex stings.

Pat Kirwan lists his top 30 safeties around the league, and the lack of Broncos shows precisely why Denver drafted a pair of them in April. Plus, Andy Benoit lists his top 10 outside linebackers.

Mike Clay examines the pass distributions of rookie and veteran QBs and finds (as we knew) that Tim Tebow pushes the ball down the field (yes, small sample).

Aaron Schatz looks at tackles on receptions and finds that no Broncos defenders rated well there last year.

Here are PFW's NFCN breakout candidates for 2011, while Sam Monson writes that Cincy's Andrew Whitworth is emerging as a top OT.

Jonathan Comey looks at the best and worst of Thursday night football, including the Cutler/Quinn duel of a few years back.


Jared Allen's charity golf tournament had a Slip 'N Slide.

A Sawks fan unintentionally caught a foul boul with his beer the other night.

The Manning brothers are apparently doing some sort of cop show. Here's the trailer.

GWB and Nolan Ryan were part of that Rangers/sunglasses thing, although the team didn't quite count right.

Rory McIlroy apparently prefers Heineken to Guinness. Really, Rory?!?!

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