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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Some details have finally come out on Jason Hunter's stabbing in April. Apparently, his girlfriend found a bag of cellphones which Hunter claimed belonged to a friend of his, and in the course of their "conversation" she waved a kitchen knife at him before "accidentally" throwing it at Hunter. So, why is Hunter holding a collection of cellphones for his buddy, and why did his girlfriend need to have a knife in hand when she told him to "stay back"? So far, no charges have been filed against the girlfriend, but prosecutors are apparently studying evidence.


Somehow omitted from his Q&A with LB coach Richard Smith the other day, Gray Caldwell writes that Mario Haggan will be a defensive end next time we see him. Smith cites Haggan's speed and athleticism as a reason for the move, and says Haggan's enthusiasm and versatility make him a valuable player to Denver.

LJ checked in with John Fox, who's been busy twiddling his thumbs. So glad the DP thought this story was worthy of a Breaking News Alert email last night, really...

Despite Woody's proclamation that Knowshon Moreno is a bust, PFW cites the RB as the Bronco most likely to break out in 2011.

The Schlereth family spent the weekend at Coors Field.

A writer for the Chronicle thinks that both the Raiders and A's are going to end up leaving the Bay Area.

Raiders draft pick Taiwan Jones has overcome dyslexia on his way to the NFL.

JaMarcus has listed his hut for $1.6 million.


Mike Freeman writes that several owners have (against the rules) called star players in an attempt to create a divide by criticizing De Smith and his work on the players' behalf. But as Freeman points out, the players have held strong and not shown any signs of cracking.

Albert Breer previews today's ownership meetings and says a major focus will be dividing future revenue growth, especially the next TV contract.

A group of HOFers and current players held a press conference to push for better retirement benefits for ex-players.

Andrew Brandt and Clark Judge both say it's time for Roger Goodell to exhibit his leadership by unifying the owners.


Rams LB David Vobora won a $5.4 million award in court from a nutritional company after he was suspended for unknowingly using a tainted supplement.

The name of the Seahawks' home is being changed from Qwest Field to CenturyLink Field.

Now David Tyree says he'd give up the only reason people know who he is his SB catch to ban gay marriage, and Vinnie Iyers says Tyree is just a hater.

Kenny Britt cursed out the Commish on his Facebook page and then claimed his page had been hacked. Riiiight.

Although helmet safety is improving, a panel of sports science professors says more progress would be made on the concussion front by keeping players from leading with their heads.

Meanwhile, Alex Marvez adds to the drumbeat in favor of working to prevent head injuries in the NFL.

Mike Tanier thinks the lockout will force defenses to go simpler.

Kevin Fishbain wonders if the Texans can join the Pats, Colts and Saints among recent teams that make the playoffs with prolific offenses and iffy defenses.

In ranking the league's CBs, Pat Kirwan places Champ Bailey in the top group but isn't so sure he still belongs there.

Andy Benoit lists his top 10 defensive tackles.

Sam Monson examines tackle rates for 3-4 LBs and finds D.J. Williams among the surer tacklers (when he actually diagnoses the play and doesn't overpursue), as is Jason Hunter. Meanwhile, Robert Ayers rated among the worst with his four whiffs.

Matt Bowen analyzes Hi-Lo concepts as utilized by Andy Reid and the Eagles.


KSK interprets PK's MMQB, plus poor Tiki.

Some high school lacrosse announcer in Maryland quoted Biggie Smalls in celebrating a goal, and it was incredible, frankly (the call, not the goal).

The Bruins reportedly racked up a $156K bar tab celebrating their Cup win.

Jennie Finch and her husband have done their two sons no favors at all in how they've named them.

AA makes a plea for FOX to put us all out of our misery and put Joe Buck on the bench.

Meanwhile, Devil Ball points out that Augusta National smartly ensured that we don't have to listen to Chris Berman call the Masters.

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